Is anyone a member of a Louis Vuitton online community?

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  1. I was just curious. I would love to join one. Please PM me about it.

  2. What is the LV online community ?
  3. They have several out there but not just anyone came become a member

    ALVA, LVLU, etc.,
  4. I would love to know how to become a member.
  5. I know there are lots of ALVA or LVLU members , etc., here.

    Where 'ya hiding?
  6. I'm a member of LV website. Never heard of other LV online community.
  7. I was looking at joining ALVA once. It seemed pretty hard, I think you have to be offically "invited" by someone in the group and meet other criteria like selling bags etc. And the person had to say why they recommended you, i'm sure it read somewhere that saying "he/she is my friend" was not good enough.:wacko:
  8. Had to sell the bags? A business huh....? What kind of online community is that?
  9. I once applied to be a member at the LVLU group, but my request was denied!:wacko: :nuts: Whatever!:sick: I AM GLAD I FOUND THIS FORUM INSTEAD!!!:biggrin: I LOVE IT HERE!!!:love: XOXO
  10. The requirements to joining are really stringent.. disappointing since I was really interested, but all good since there's the PF. ;)
  11. Used to post @ LVLU, then there was drama :lol:

  12. can you post a link? if you don't mind.:love:
  13. I've seen some of you ladies on the lj louisvuitton community.
    I tried once to apply to LVLU and yeah saw the had to be a friend with someone... I was kind of dissapointed.