Is anyone a fan of the part-time PT bbag?


part-time or city???

  1. part-time

  2. city

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  1. When I first saw the Part-time IRL last weekend, I fell in love with it (or thought I did. I liked how it felt bigger than the city, and had a strap as well), but now sitting at home, I can't decide if I should actually go ahead and purchase a PT or get another city. I'm afraid I will regret it at a future date if I get a PT, and not the more seemingly classic and more popular style, the city, which I do love.

    I'm 5'5" and at the moment expecting, so the city feels a bit smallish to me, though I doubt I will feel like that once the baby is here and the baby weight is off... I own one city at the moment.

    I haven't read much about pfers with PT's except for a few notes here and there...and was wondering if there were those who were a big fan of it and why... :confused1: Also, pics of anyone carrying one would be soooo helpful, if it isn't any trouble!!! :jammin:
  2. I am a fan of the city and the first - because both have proportions that feel right to me. I don't like the part-time and the twiggy because both feel too long... and the city is plenty big for me. If I had to go a size up, I would get a work (again, nice proportions).
  3. :flowers: slinks, here's a flower for being the first to respond!
    that's a good point- the proportions...perhaps that is what is getting to me...I am a bit afraid that the longer while a bit shorter proportion could make me tire of it at a later date...:s
  4. I have it, like it and am keeping it, but I have to say I wish that they had made it the same depth as the City. It's so annoying to me that the Work bag has no shoulder strap, though ... so this is an OK compromise (but again, way too shallow to be useful for the usual "work" related things like files & laptop).
  5. fiatflux-- that is so helpful! I agree about the work...I, too wish there was a strap for those moments we need to be hands-free...also, not being able to fit files would be a problem...:sad:
  6. On the work, do the straps fit on the shoulder?
  7. Personally, I don't own a work, but i think for some, the handles do fit more comfortably than for others...and also that it depends on the individual bag...
  8. Wait - I thought that files fit in a work - they don't? Would they fit in a part timer or weekender? Do either of those 2 fit over the shoulder?
  9. sorry pursemania, i should have made it clearer-- the files don't fit in a P-T but probably does in a work!
  10. ethan&me,
    whew - I would have had to start the hunt all over! :P

    Do you guys use the work for an everyday bag or as a true "work" bag?
  11. Sorry it's City and Purse for me all the way.
  12. I thought I would love the PT – seems like a good idea to get a cross between a work and city. However, when I saw it irl, the proportions just looked very odd to me and I really dislike it. I know other people who have told me they do not like the PT as well. I think it would be better to get the Work, if you go one size up. I am 5'4" and while the Work is slightly large for my everyday needs, it doesn't really overwhelm, especially if in a darker colour.
  13. I actually really don't like the PT shape at all. I don't like the long proportions either... Looks awkward to me.
  14. I voted city, but same thing here if you want a bigger size I would choose the work. I like the proportions better.
    My work fits over the shoulder but it's not as comfortable to carry as the city (I love the strap). It seems they get slouchier and more comfy with time but I havn't made the experience personlly since my work is almost new and neatly stored since a little to big for me.
  15. I have every size but a classic (my next purchase) and it all depends on what I am using the bag for. I love the pt because its bigger with a strap. In an ideal world, the work would have a strap but its a compromise. Sometimes with children the city was just too small.