Is anyone a bra size 30D? Where do you get bras?

  1. I went to Nordstrom and they only several bras in that size. I like 't-shirt bras' or bras that are lined/have light padding so they have a 'shape' when they're not being worn, but aren't stiff like the Le Mystere ones. Any recs?
  2. has a decent selection, I believe. I think that Calvin Klein makes one style in this size but I forget which one it is. I'm a 30B/C and usually I go to a bra specialty shop where they help me find bras that fit in the cups (usually 32B cups are good but the band is too big) and they they tailor the band to make it small enough. Most big cities should have a store or two like this.
  3. I'm a 30D! I get mine at Nordstrom, Saks and Neiman's. I wear Le Mystere and Chantelle bras. In Le Mystere, I like the No. 9 bras. They are for women with augmented breasts, but mine aren't and the bras look fantastic on! In Chantelle, I like the Sensua bra, which is exactly what you're looking for - a t-shirt bra that isn't stiff. I got the Chantelle bra at Neimans. I haven't ordered bras online before because I'd be too scared about them not fitting right and since I have a Nordstrom, Saks and Neimans close by, I haven't had a need to yet!
  4. sarcal - are the no. 9 bras stiff? i have heard of them but i'm thinking they might not work for me because my boobs are very close together... and it says that the cups on the no. 9 bras are further apart than regular bras. do you find that true at all? i already have problems with regular bras sometimes having the cups too far apart.

    i tried on a chantelle bra at nordstrom (don't know the style) and the shoulder straps were so far apart it was uncomfortable! i have narrow shoulders too and was wondering if you have this problem and how you fixed it...

    i'm going to try neiman's too. i don't want to order online b/c it's harder to fit, more so than clothing! just b/c it's a 30d doesn't mean it will fit.
  5. I'm a 30D but I can get by with Hanro bras in 32D.
  6. I'm a 32D and I find my size at La Senza :smile: and they have tons of variety :smile:
  7. I'm a 32 C/D and I LOVE Chantelle like sarcal! I have three and they are so comfortable.
  8. the reason i'm asking b/c 30D is such a hard size to find. i don't really have trouble finding 32C or 32D (not available everywhere, but 90% of the brands have them).
  9. The no. 9 bras aren't stiff like the Tisha t-shirt bras. I would just try them on and see how they fit. I'm waiting for the totally t-shirt version of the no. 9 to come out and then I will buy 5 in every color, that's how in love with that bra I am. (The back close t-shirt no. 9 should be out in the late winter/spring of '09. There is already a front close one out though.) I currently own a couple of the Scarlett Hybrid model of the no. 9 bra and love it, but it has a little bit of lace on it that shows through when I wear tight t-shirts.

    As far as the Chantelle, the Sensua bra has straps that you can adjust the position in the back so you can make them closer together or farther apart in the back, or even criss-cross them. I would definitely give that one a try.

    Luckily, one of my really good friends works for Le Mystere, so I just always have her with me when I go to buy bras since she knows exactly how bras should fit and I always have her strap me in, so I'm not sure if I have narrow shoulders or what. Probably normal though.
  10. OMG! I went to this site out of my curiosity and they have bra size 28DDD/E. Is that even REAL? Or by that size you're considered to have fake boobs? Like how is that possible? And when you have such a small back, doesn't it hurt to have such big boobs? Sorry if I sound so naive, but I haven't heard of anything like 28DDD/E before.
  11. These would be pretty big proportionally but not as bit as you're thinking. Remember that cup size is proportional to band size. If you held up say, a 32B and a 38B, the cup size would be much much bigger on the 38B. So the boobs that would fit into a 28DDD are not as big as the ones that would wear say, a 38DDD. But it would probably be quite large on someone with that small a frame (I know because I'm sometimes a 28, sometimes a 30 depending on the brand and I would fall over if I had that size boobs!) and could well cause back problems.
  12. My mother is a 28F, they're natural and she's had a reduction. She hates it. She's very small boned and a little over 5' tall. She doesn't have a lot of back pain but there is some. You've got to remember when the band size goes down so does the cup size. She doesn't look huge like Pam Anderson (she carries them well) but she hates being so busty.

  13. lol sorry I totally missed where you explained the cup/band size too :shame: