Is anybody that obsessed?!

  1. I have 16 ads :wtf: I have pulled out of numerous mags and I have framed them and put them on my living room wall!! Am I crazy???:nuts::yahoo::confused1:
  2. lol.......uh, maybe un peu??
  3. you are!!! just a little...
    sometimes i rip them out of magazines and save them. but i never hang them up or anything.
  4. well everyone has their own idea of art... whatever floats your boat! At least your're using frames :p
  5. I think the Uma ones are so artistic and some of the others are so just well photographed..They are more art to me than anything
  6. haha thats cute.... i did that to an extent! i bought the mumbai travel book and it came with five notecards that look like water colors of different parts of mumbai and i tottally framed those suckers!!! :smile:

    they are SOOO PRETTY!!!
  7. I save images to my hard drive but if I had nice frames I wouldn't be opposed to putting them on the walls. :biggrin:
  8. Thanks!! I'm not taping up my walls with them, I have a select few that I think just are sooo photogenic. I love them in a frame on my walls....I knew I wasn't the only one!!
  9. I have taped some up in my cube at work...
  10. I like the vintage ads. I have one from Saks with a ship in the background and luggage in the foreground.
  11. i love the Jlo one with the Duville or whatever it is. i always wanted a poster of that.
  12. LOL!!!
    And I thought I was bad for having the dreams.
  13. i would never think you're crazy. i'd love to come over and see! how bout take a few snaps and share the obsession of LV with us!
  14. I think it's really cool that you do that. I have no patience for decorating at all and hanging up a picture falls into that category for me, my walls are blank. But I totally respect people who do that, hats off to you, I bet it looks great, I'd love to see it. ok, take a pic and post it here! We'll all admire it together!

  15. sniped! we both posted same time!:p