Is anybody ready to part with their EDITH?

  1. Just thought I'd ask if maybe somebody is over their lust for their
    Edith Whiskey Bag??? :lol:

    I am on a mission here!!!
  2. Errr not yet - only got mine about a month ago but I must confess - it does make my shoulder ache when carrying it for more than an hour!
  3. I will look for you in Harvey Nichols tomorrow? they def have them!
  4. I've been looking for the chamois bag (which I'm told is easier to locate) and it's been almost impossible to locate one anywhere. If Miss Bradshaw can get one from HN then if I were you, I'd grab it. The whisky bags are pretty much non existent from what I've been told.
  5. That's awfully sweet of you missb, but I don't want you to go out of your way, really - if you do go, maybe you could pick the one you would buy and have them hold it for Pam. I will look for your post, only if its not too much trouble, and call them to pay.
  6. I walk past HN every day....its only 5 mins from my flat

    They def had quite a few today....give then a call tomorrow..if you get through post on here..otherwise I will look in on way home
  7. You lucky duck, can't imagine having HN five minutes away!!

    If you see the Edith in chamois, let me know too! :nuts: