is anybody in the mood...?

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  1. for a reveal? :graucho:
  2. Oh yes please yes. I am sooooo tired of studying ( in between) tPF Hints Hints Hints !!!!!!!
  3. This is the H forum! Of course we are!!
  4. front row seat!!
  5. Ohhhhh, yes, yes!!!!
  6. i'm feeling pretty easy tonight :whistle:

  7. i might even spare you the striptease! you're lucky paris shopping made me so tired ;)
  8. but first i'll introduce you to something they really should consider introducing at the sale next year, at least the jewellery section:


    i'm not exaggerating when i say in total i spent more than an hour queuing there (the first two times i got fed up after about 10 minutes and then i was almost curious to see how long it would take). :wtf:
  9. Yes please!
  10. :popcorn: Bring it on!
  11. oh good! YAY!
  12. Oh the sale Y e s!!!!!
  13. You braved the paris sale jewelry section?!!!:nuts: tell me everthing that u saw. everything!
  14. ...and it's nice to be polite to the older generation but after 40 or so minutes of them constantly pushing in front at said jewellery counter the scandinavian in me was was wishing she had translated janteloven into french to hand out :whistle: :push:
  15. i saw.. a lot.. most of the good stuff had gone already but i did pick up a little something :graucho: unfortunately they didn't accept my debit card so i had to leave some things behind because i hadn't paid in extra onto my visa to account for the expenditure :roflmfao: but i left with things that have been on my list forever so it's maybe for the best ;)