Is anybody getting any Verone Suhali pieces?

  1. I just saw the Lockit in this color and I fell in love. Too bad I already got a Lockit in Sienne or else I would have snapped the Lockit!!

    I really love the color. Anybody else?
  2. This is the purse I want. I want it in the Verone Color. :love: I somehow fell in love with this purse after seeing it on display. I love the details of this purse. Its a beautiful purse! I hope I can still get one in October, in a few months. Since I just bought a LV purse on Tuesday. I have to wait :girlsigh:
  3. I saw the lockit PM & MM and really adored the colour ..I have a white suhali PM so might get the verone pm too:heart: This colour is so stunning:tup:
  4. i may try and start saving up for either a le confident or a lockit. verone is the only suhali color that makes me REALLY want one.
  5. I Want A La Fab In The New Color If It Ever Shows Up Used On Let Trade Cause I Can't Afford $4000 For A Bag That I Will Only Use For A Couple Of Months.
  6. I love the lockit style bags AND I love the Verone color. A Verone lockit would be a dream bag for me! :love:
  7. I have the idea as well (purchasing another Lockit) but just vaguely passed though me. Just bought an Epi Lockit recently, I guess I have been bitten by the Lockit bugs!!!!
  8. It's really gorgeous, especially on the Le Fab.. but that is some time away still !
  9. definitely the le fab but who knows when that will happen?
  10. I looove the color too :drool: I'd die for a L'Ingenieux but I have to save up for it first so I won't be getting one anytime soon. I'd love a lockit too! :girlsigh:
  11. I would love to.
  12. Probably not because I don't like the gold hardware on it. :push:
  13. Same here Rebecca...white is still my favourite Suhali colour.
  14. Not me. I'm not crazy about grey and I don't like how they put gold hardware on it, I think it would have looked better with silver-tone.
  15. I've just recently decided to start saving up for a Le Fab. I'd also eventually like to get a Lockit as well. I haven't decided between Verone or White at this point though.