Is anybody else OBSESSED with Jane Austen?


Jun 22, 2007
I am sooo obsessed with all things Jane Austen. Today, while cleaning the house, I have watched 4 Jane Austen movies!!! I have all the books, many sequels and I find myself jealous that Miss Amanda Price was able to meet Mr Darcy in Lost in Austen (which I watched 4 times in the first week I had it) I love Mr Darcy! I wanted to call one of my boys Fitzwilliam but my husband drew the line.

I love the manners, the courtesy and the romance.

Is there anybody else??
Dec 30, 2007
I am not obsessed but I am a fan...I've always loved pride and prejudice the most as well as emma....not really a fan of sense and sensibility and have read some other books by other people who imagine meeting Mr. Darcy etc...I think Mr. Darcy rocks but I can't really imagine what he would be like in real life...


Jan 26, 2009
Oh yes, I am obsessed with some of the books, movies/TIV adaptations. I have been known to take a Sunday and watch the entire BBC Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle) - not as enamored with the Kiera Knightly version. I also love Persuasion (Amanda Root/ Claran Hinds). I didn't love Sense and Sensibility (Emma Thompson/Kate Winslet), but I like it enough to watch it every time it is on TV - and I still bought the DVD! And, even though I have read it, I don't know how many times, I just bought Pride and Prejudice on CD to listen to while I walk. :smile:


Lady Philosophy
May 13, 2008
I used to be obsessed years ago when I first borrowed my friend's vhs tapes of Pride and Prejudice (the one with Colin Firth)! Then it was Sense and Sensibility which combined both my love of Jane Austen and Ang Lee. Emma was my favourite after Pride and Prejudice. Since I'm not obsessed anymore, I haven't watched the Kiera Knightly version but then again, I am not a fan of hers.


Sep 9, 2006
i love jane austen. read every book written by her and try to watch every movie and bbc production. my favorite is p&p. i love both the colin firth/jennifer ehle miniseries and keira knightley movie as well. i also enjoyed emma with gwyneth palthrow and ang lee's sense and sensibility with emma thompson and hugh grant.


Chanel & LV
Jul 8, 2006
Yes! I absolutely :love: the "Lost in Austen" miniseries and pre-ordered copies from Amazon for both me and my sister! I originally caught it on the Ovation cable channel and couldn't pull myself away for the four hours that it was on :shame:

My favorite Jane Austen movies are the BBC version of "Pride & Prejudice" with Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehle, "Persuasion" with Amanda Root & Claran Hinds & "Sense and Sensibility" with Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Kate Winslet & Alan Rickman.

I didn't like "Emma" with Gwyneth Paltrow :nogood:


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Jul 3, 2006
^ It's a pretty funny book (if put in context with Gothic fiction) and actually my second-favourite by JA.
I read all all of her novels, including that promising fragment she was working on before she died.
As fas as film adaptations are concerned, I only watched two: P&P and S&S.


Chanel & LV
Jul 8, 2006
what is Lost in Austen?

"Lost in Austen" was a four-part 2008 British miniseries loosely based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. According to the back of the DVD:

"A thoroughly modern heroine threatens to ruin one of the world's greatest literary love stories in this ingenious reinvention of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Bored bank worker Amanda Price literally becomes lost in her favorite Austen book after she finds a strange portal in her bathroom and swaps places with its heroine, Elizabeth Bennet. Once she gets entangled in the affairs of the Bennet family and the dashing Mr. Darcy, how can she keep this celebrated romance on track?"
Feb 28, 2006
oh me too:] Have you seen Becoming Jane, the movie based on her life. I have seen it numerous times & whenever it's on, I have to finish watching it. It is sooo sad:[ I don't cry anymore haha after like the tenth time. Pride & Prejudice is awesome as well!