Is anybody else going to the Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds 3D Movie?

  1. I got my sister tickets just a few minutes ago as an early 8th grade graduation present...even though she's not graduating until June. She is OBSESSED with the Jonas Brothers, who are opening the concert. I can't stand them, but I figured I'd sit there with her anyway, because I'm a cool sister. HAHA!! Plus I kinda like Hannah Montana. Is that weird?

    Anybody else going? The earliest show I could get was 9:40 PM. I guess no little kids can stay up that late, these shows are selling like hotcakes!!
  2. Yes, I got myself, my 7 year old niece and my sister tickets a couple of weeks ago for a show in Feb. We went to the Hannah/Miley/Jonas Brothers concert in Oct. My niece was almost overcome with emotions at the concert,(seeing Hannah/Miley, who she LOVES) so I'm sure this will be a good way of her seeing things that she missed at the concert.
  3. I wish I could have gotten my sister the concert tickets. She would have gone nuts!!!!
  4. I will be taking my nine year old daughter and a few of her friends.
  5. I took my two daughters on Thursday to the Hannah / Jonas Bros concert, they went nuts...and they're only 4 and 7. I actually liked it, they all sounded really good live. Now my girls are obsessed with Jonas Bros....ahhh I remember my first crush...Michael J. Fox and Patrick Swayze from Dirty Dancing.
  6. I have to say . . . someone in another thread vowed never to buy their kids the Kidz Bop cds and I completely agree. Why butcher really good songs when you can buy cds where kid friendliness is already baked right in?

    That's the great thing about Hannah Montana, The Jonas Brothers, The Cheetah Girls and . . . . anyone else I'm missing.