Is anybody else getting the Damier Trevi tomorrow?

  1. My SA called and said she had my Trevi PM and will be sending it out first thing tomorrow! :yes: I haven't seen it in person, but from the pics I really like it. I'm very excited as I haven't gotten a new bag in awhile (well for me anyway.....LOL)!

    Just wondering if anybody else is picking this bag up?
  2. i tried on the pm and the gm toda at the store, really like the pm as a handheld bag. super cute. i'm considering
  3. Yeah, I usually get the MM, but since they didnt' make that, my SA said the GM is very big, so I went with the PM....hope I like it! =)
  4. My sa called me about this bag today, how much is the pm? and could someone describe it to me. I have only seen lookbook pics
  5. That's all I've seen the look book it says 1425 US for PM and 1725 US for GM! My SA said if I don't like it to just send it back. Hard to buy something that you haven't seen in person, but that's how I buy most of my LV's since I'm too far from LV to go look. =) I'll let you know what I think once I get it!
  6. I was interested in the PM, but I caved last week and bought a Damier Azur Noé, and I have a Mirage coming on the 15th (i hope, if it's released then), so I will wait before getting another damier.....

    Then again, I have been known to abandon all reason and logic if a new bag comes out and I fall in LVOE with we'll see... ;)
  7. I know what you mean. I was told by my SA that the Mirage isn't being released until Oct (this was for the Speedy), not sure if it's true or not, but thought I'd give you a heads up! ;)
  8. scan0007.jpg
  9. hmm i would love to know if the pm is only hand held? i was thinking of getting a duomo, but I like the look of the trevi too. I need to see those look book pics again. anyone know the dementions of the 2 diff sizes?
  10. The PM is 13.4"x9.4"x5.9"
    The GM is 16"x11"x9.8"

    Quite a BIG difference! My SA knows that I generally like big bags, but she said this would be ridiculous on me (I'm 5'2" and about 115lb), so I went with the PM! :tup:


    **OH and it says that it's hand-held or worn on the shoulder....there is a removable shoulder strap. Although I'm not sure if this is for both sizes or just the GM?!
  11. Since it's permanent I decided to hold off on it until next year. I really want to get the new Onatah Le Malleable bag at the end of this year, but we'll see.
  12. both bags have ea removable shoulder strap, the GM is HUGE imo. and i like bigger bags, but only when they are slouchiable. anyhow the PM is really nice, i like the pleat it adds some character. if it was a limited edition piece i think i would be more interested in it. i know it's kinda stupid. but it's definitely on my radar, i really lkike the pm
  13. thanks ladies, i might just get this bag since I am depressed over the black neo cabby that is sold out.
  14. anyone know the correct prices?
  15. i really like this bag as well, but since it is permanent i'll be getting it later on.