Is anybody else fed up with Reality TV?

  1. Is it just me that is fed up with all this Reality TV?

    I know I'm sentimental but I remember a time with TV was actually good entertainment - now all the schedules are full of rubbish Reality TV making "celebrities" out of sad people that get their boobs out, sleep with everybody or pretend to be really thick!

    The only reality show I actually like is 'The real housewifes of Orange County' (although I'm not sure for how much longer), but shows like Big Brother I hate.

    I've completely gone off 'X Factor' and all those other programmes too. As an ex-Ballet Dancer I know how long it takes for people to "get known" and get parts in the West End. I really feel sorry for all those people in "Joseph" and "Sound of Music" that have worked for years and years to get small parts in these and then have somebody who has been working in a supermarket go onto TV and win the Main Lead Part! There must be some real bitterness on stage at the moment.

    I'm not saying that those people do not have any talent but it must be really de-moralising to think that all those years of hard work and training mean you get to be in the background and you could just go onto a TV talent show and get a Lead Role.

    Sorry to rant but my hubby and I were talking about it all last night and I wondered if it was just me!
  2. :lol: I love the juxtaposition of those thoughts!

    Forget that X Factor stuff, and discover the inexpressible awfulness of the other SoCal enclave shows, The Hills, The Real Newport Orange Teen Vapidity, did you see my rant about Dr 90210's star TrashBoy Roberto Rey?

    Here's a link!

    Come, take my hand and let us despise him together!

    And you will find no trashier show than Rock of Love, the latest jewel in the putrescent crown of Chris Abrego, Flavor of Love/I Love New York mastermind!

    There's even an OCD trash show now, called Flippin' Out, starring an individual seriously in need of being institutionalized yesterday!

    And if you like your stereotypical cartoon grade superficial airhead characters to be located outside the gates of the SoCal enclaves, check out the Fashionista Diaries. Especially Bridget.

    So don't give up on Trash TV. If you're not enjoying it, you just need to start watching a lower grade of Trash!
  3. Indeed- there are so very many grades/levels of trash TV out there, surely these is a show for everyone!!

    I hate to say it- but I really DO like Reality TV. Just not all of it. I do love ROL- too funny. But I couldn't sit still for even the first episode of I Love New York. That was even too much over the top for me. I find that I watch the fashion-based ones most. Or even the home decorating ones, bu I have never gotten into 'fear factor' or 'big brother' kinds of shows...
  4. The "next top model" shows are annoying too because of all the *****ing and moaning that goes on - don't they know how lucky they are to even be on the show!?

    When the reality shows first started they were okay but they just seem to be breeding and now there are so many of them.

    I'm a bit old fashioned really and like my TV programmes to be full of real life interest of plain old fashioned entertainment "stars". Its all the "famous for 5 minutes" people that I can't stand and the "Celebrity" reality shows that are full of the Z list celebrities that are only celebs now that they were on the reality programmes in the first place!

    We don't get all the reality programmes in the UK that you have but I'm sure we have our own terrible versions of them.
  5. I do not like 'reality' shows at all. It's not reality! Now take, what are they called - the Gastineau Girls? So pathetic!

    I do like modeling shows, but mostly just to get tips off. I do like 'Make Me A Supermodel' better than ANTM (did you see that Waz Ashayer?! :love:). But suff like the Hills, Laguna Beach, the Real OC - just don't like it.
  6. I like reality shows :smile:
  7. I too am sick of these reality shows. And what I really hate is when one comes out, another network does a knockoff version of the same show! Case in point:Wife Swap and Trading Spouses!

    Besides, there doesn't need to be a reality show for every facet of the world population. I knew it was going entirely too far when they came out with a show about little people.
  8. Ya know what bugs me is shows like The Hills. I mean they try to come off as Reality but they are not. They are all scripted with wannabe actress's like Heidi. That girl is so annoying, and also that Whitney girl with that nasal way of talking. YUK!!

    I like Survivor, Big Brother, and "real" reality haha shows. But I do agree some of these shows are getting out of hand.

    Has anyone watched "Flipping Out" that show is hysterical. Bravo seems to have some good shows, but I dont like Real Housewives because they flaunt how rich they are which to me is classless.
  9. Agree! I like Design Star, Project Runway, Airplane (Southwest show), but I dislike the VH-1 shows like the Flavor of Love (or whatever it was called) and the like.
  10. I'm loosing interest in most reality shows. I think for me it's just a matter of "enough of a good thing". I'm bored by them, mostly. It doesn't bother me that they're edited or not exactly as "real" as they're advertised. I'm just ready for the next "thing" to come along and entertain me.
  11. No, you are not the only's kinda over-done at this point....
  12. LOL Every single reason cited here for disliking reality shows are why I enjoy laughing at them! :biggrin: