is anybody else already dreaming of F/W 07 bags???

  1. Personally, I'm a little underwhelmed by Chanel's S/S 07 collection. There are a few bags that I like, but not too many. (Although I'm not here to start a thread dumping on S/S bags that other members intend to purchase.)

    Instead, I'm wondering what's on everyone's Chanel "wishlist" for F/W 07. Here are some bags that I'd like to see:

    (1) A reissue or classic flap in a darker emerald or forest green--but not perforated.

    (2) Some new roomy totes that would be good for us working girls, along the lines of the Cerf or GST. But made in sumptuous, dressy leather--not distressed leather (like the Cotton Club) and not fabric (like the Paris-Biarritz).

    I've often found over the years, with many handbag designers, that I'm more drawn to the F/W offerings, because the fall lines usually include darker colors and jewel tones, and no fabric or straw bags. How about you?
  2. Yes! That would be lovely if they have those for f/w 07.
    (1) A patent reissue in iridescent colors like the back of a music CD when light reflects off of it.
    (2) emerald colors (I agree!)
    (3) more structured roomy totes (Yes please. =))
  3. I thought I was going to be good for a few months, but I'm seeing several things that I love.

    I love the Cotton Club Tote, a dark forest green flap bag and the 50's bag. Oh, I almost forgot, I want a white/ivory expandable bag.
  4. Absolutely I fall in love with "Paris-Biarritz" tote but I have no more budget now :sad:.

    Just recently bought Bottega Venata bag and a Baby Cabas recently so it will still be a dreaming bag. I still have a LV Denim Patchwork in my wishlist.

    I wanna sleep all day ...
  5. oh my! i am totally with you on a classic jumbo flap in a forest green............or royal or periwinkle blue, in caviar

    or baby coco cabas in some primary, marigold, blue, maroon/wine
  6. From Cosmopolitan's lips to Chanels ears!! I would love a roomy tote in leather, too! In brown leather! I am looking for a brown bag, but may have to wait for Fall to find it.
  7. I agree!

    Fall is usually the time for me to get the perfect bag... and I'm hoping that the the coming F/W collection will have some type of extra large Cabas (since I couldn't get it the first time around)... a modification of some sort... what ever, as long as I get a variation of the Cabas!
  8. I always seem to like fall bags better. Summer shoes win my heart over fall but fall has the best bags. Maybe its just me but I really like fabric bags for summer. Then I can take them to the pool all day and not even care. I have nicer bags for evening though.
  9. Bring on the emerald green!!!! I'd love to see it in a distressed leather flap...yummy!
  10. I want more reissues in non metallic non patent material and colors!!!! I'm thinking: royal blue reissue, emerald green, dark cream, black. I love F/W collections the best, as I think Chanel's F/W are more elegant and true to the Chanel tradition.
    More stylish totes and bowlers!
  11. I always end up dreaming about Fall clothing/bags when I see the Spring lines--they just don't light my fire the way the Fall ones do!

    I would also LOVE to see some Forest/Emerald GREENS!!!
  12. I'm more of a F/W collection, too not only with Chanel which is pretty new to me.
    I'd love to see black reissue with silver hardware and a flap similar to the mademoiselle but with the reissue lock.

  13. oooo! good idea! I'm on the wait list for that one!
    How bout some unique clutches with detachable chain handles??
  14. fave color is burgundy...something in burgundy would be lovely! (aside from the reissue that is) also, i've been dying for some tweed classic flap in a nice pretty color! although, i think i woud prefer spring colors in tweed.
  15. I'd love to see a berry, purple, and espresso color for the bags.