Is any one have order from Paris??

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  1. I'm making a order through email with a SA called Fei.

    Is any one have contact with her before?

    How long it will take to ship to Australia??

    Cuz I know the ship price from UK store is 80P, but they only charge me for 29 Euro, is it means it will very slow???
  2. Hi everyone, please help me. I have made an order through email with Fei in the Paris Bal, I have email the order form, my credit card detail and copy and ID to her on Friday morning (mid-night in France). But now (1 day after), I haven't heared anything from her yet. Is this normal??????
  3. ^You should email/call her to follow up. Paris store is very slooooooowwww in email response.
  4. Hi I just got the order form from Fei. I am now worried. Did you hear back from her ? Did you scan copy of your ID and credit card and then send them as attachment or just faxed it to them.
    Anyone else who orders from Europe often, what is the common procedure for sending all the info?
    Thank you!!!
  5. Usually, I just scan it through my printer and attach as an image to the email, since I don't have a fax machine.
  6. Thank you juicy. I would probably do the same since I don't like the feeling of all this imformation coming out of the fax macine on the other end waiting for someone to pick it up.

  7. Yes, she called me after 2 days. I just scanned all documents and email to her. she has sent me a email said she will send the bag on this Monday, and will let me know the tracking number, but it is already Wednesday, nothing......
  8. I sent her all the info this morning. Lets wait and see if I have any better luck. Hope you get your bag soon.

  9. Fei sent me the tracking no. this morning. and I check from DHL, the status is " clearance delay". I rang DHL, they told me since the value of this parcel is over $1000 AUD, so I need to pay the tax, $200!!!!
  10. ^Sorry to hear that!

    If you order from them, they will declare full value. I have ordered overseas a few times, and I have had to pay 10% brokerage fees.

  11. Thanks for that, cuz the SA put the exact value for this bag, so the custom may calculate how much it will be in AUD. Is it possible to ask the SA to put less next time?? eg, $500 Euro???
  12. They probably won't do it as it's illegal to do so.

  13. is this happen everytime? or only cuz of my bad luck?
  14. Do you mean getting charged taxes? If your item exceeds the $1000 limit, you will always get charged taxes by customs.

    In regards to Bal declaring a lower value, it is illegal to lower the value of an item on the customs declaration form.