Is any movement of the diamond in the setting acceptable?

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  1. I was playing with my ring, and just noticed that the diamond moves juuuust a little in the setting. It's a four prong setting, and it's a brand new ring.

    It's not terribly noticable...but >> I << notice it.

    Is this worth taking into the jewelers, or is this typical?

    Thanks for indulging my worry!
  2. take it to the jeweler asap.
  3. Nope, not acceptable...and not safe! Your stone needs to be tightened (well, the prongs do) and that is not a difficult task for a jeweler. Better to be safe than sorry!
  4. Oh no, be careful and take it to the jeweler today..
  5. Unacceptable! The hardness of a loose diamond can rub away at the metal setting, and you could lose it! Definitely get it tightened!
  6. i probably knocked it too hard on something....or in my sleep, maybe? I've taken to taking off the ring as soon as i get home so i don't forget to take it off at night.

    thanks for the replies ladies! i will take it in first thing this weekend.