Is any day better than another?

  1. Hi, I was wondering if sellers had any thoughts as to which day is the best to list on. I've been changing it up alittle and it seems that somedays are better than others unless that's just happenstance. I do firmly believe that sunday sucks but that's just my opinion. I'd love to hear if anyone has a day that is consistantly been good. Thanks.:confused1:
  2. Hi, IMO Early on Fridays are the best, because most full time workers are off on Sat/sundays so they have some time to search eBay. Hope that helps
  3. I like Tuesday and Thursday...but summertime is blah.
  4. thanks for the imput. Boy are you right about summertime, I lost things for prices that made me want to weep. This isn't my first summer it's my second and for some reason I don't recall last summer being this horrible. But maybe it's like child birth, you forget how bad the pain is until the next one.
  5. For me, personally, Sundays seem to be really good?? Maybe it's the stuff I sell, which has a fairly rabid fanbase willing to troll eBay relentlessly in search of the newest listings. Not sure.

    I DO always at least try to have auctions end on either the weekend or Monday, though.
  6. I always start my listings on Sunday evenings, so they have a chance to run for the whole work week plus the next weekend.

    But, I do have to say that sales are VERY slow at this time of the year. I've had to list items multiple times to get them sold, and selling prices have been pretty low too. Summertime isn't that great for eBay sales.
  7. I only list my items on Friday nights, then by the time they finally post its Saturday morning. There is nothing worse for me as a buyer when an auction ends mid week during the day when I am at work. So I like my auctions to start and end on weekends.
  8. I keep trying to figure it out. I really don't think there is a best time..I've done great and horrible at the same exact times on different weeks.
  9. The weekends are good because there are more people to bid at the end of the auction (there are people who bid whenever but I always wait until the end because then I'm not driving the price up.)
    I also like to do it on a Sunday because then it ends on a Sunday and if they pay right away you can send it out the next day - gets to the buyer 'faster' that way and they are happier. I just ended something this Friday night - now I have to wait until Tuesday morn to get it out - :noggin:
  10. I think I read an article online that said that Tuesday's or Wednesday's were the best day for auctions to end. With me, I always just do 7 day auctions from when I actually find the time to list!

    I think it varies so much. For example, even though I can access the internet at work, personal usage isn't encouraged... (i.e. they don't care if you go online to pay a bill, or use it during your lunch break), but since we bill clients in 6 minute increments, they don't like you wasting time! So, if an auction I'm watching ends during my work day, unless I have remembered the night before or in the morning before I leave for work to bid, I will miss it. However, I know some people who only have the internet at work, so for them, if an auction ends on a weekend etc, they won't bid.

    Logically, I would say Friday and Saturday nights are bad nights for auctions to end because people tend to be out.... but what was I doing last (Sat) night? Ebay buying :smile: (I need to get out more! lol)