Is another purse organizer really needed???

  1. Hello follow bag lovers,

    My name is Sambucca and I am new to the site. In fact today is my first day actually posting anything. I am glad to have found the purse forum although I am a bit worried as the last thing I need is any encouragement when it comes to shopping for handbags.

    Need your help...

    After buying 3 purse organizers amd being totally disappointed with all of them I designed my own. I was ready to go forward with the project when I came across another organizer that is 'somewhat' similiar to my design (although I still think mine has a few better features.... and looks a Lot better.

    I am hoping you guys can give me some feedback on what would make your current organizer even better. Perhaps more importantly, do you guys think there is even a need for yet another organizer - even if it is better than what's already out there??

    I love my product and believe many women will come to love it as well. Having said this I would really appreciate your feedback. After all you guys are my potential customers and in the end will be the judge and jury, voting with your dollars.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Hmm, I like different sized pockets, the fact that I can fold it around to fit it in different sizes of purses. I wish that it had more than one slot that was closed, but that's minor. I'm using the medium size pursket and it's working pretty well for me in most purses.

    Good luck and welcome to tpf!
  3. Dear Queenmab,

    Thanks for much for your feedback. I actually didnt like the purseket because I want everything to fit into the organizer so switching bags will really be easy. I am glad that it is working for you.

    Hoping others will also give me feedback...come on ladies...I need your thoughts on this.

    Thanks again