Is an OT Off Topic thread Okay?

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  1. If I can get the ear of any Mod who may be reading this....would it be okay to maybe make a sticky thread that would be all Off Topic stuff? We all have formed a little bond in here and wondered if it is allowed to have a general discussion thread among us. We could talk about shopping or our locales, or maybe just what we are doing that day.

    Since this is a Purse Board I understand if the answer is no....just wondering though. I wanted to tell everyone about my African Violet and Jade plant but couldn't fit it into any Kooba thread...LOL
  2. hehe oh lexie i think this is an awsome request! :smile: it would be great to have a place for us to talk about all off topic stuff cause were such a family in here!!! I LOVE MY KOOBA FORUM !! :heart: :heart: everyone is so nice , no tiffs no anything! :smile: and its so nice getting to know each other!! if we dont hear anything in a while we should msg them :smile: YAY FINGERS CROSSED
  3. I agree ladies. It WOULD be nice to be able to share bits of our daily lives, a very nice outlet.
  4. Nodding here...

    I think it is a great idea as we are more than the sum of our collective handbags.

    Our handbags merely ride along with the rest of our lives, watching the comings and goings, doing their job of carrying our 'stuff'.

    Perhaps we should look at this thread from the viewpoint of our handbag, from it's eyes. What does it see, what is going on in the life of it's owner, what other interests occupy her time.

    I, for one, want to know what is going on with Lexie's jade plant. *s
  5. ooh i agree! yes yes pretty please :smile:
  6. Well my Kooba Carla is thinking that I better not lay it down anywhere or it'll get sand on it's bottom. It's owner transplanted a poor Jade plant twice to make sure it had the proper amount of sand in it's soil...and the sand is everywhere!

    Carla has decided all transplanting should be done outside from now on.
  7. chuckling...

    I see Lexie is taking my suggestion to heart.

    p.s. Jillian says 'hi' to your Jessie. *s
  8. Oh, what a great idea! I would love to be able to chat off topic with the Kooba gals! :smile:
  9. I sent Swanky Mama a link to this thread in case she hasn't seen it. I know they get a million PMs so it may take some time to hear back.
  10. I'll point Vlad and Megs in here for you, but I'm certain they'll say no.
    Each Forum has posted similar things and they're never allowed as that's what General Discussion is for.

    But I'll bring this thrtead to their attention:yes:
  11. Like with any other brand forum, we can't encourage total separation from the rest of the board. Off topic threads belong in off topic forums, this forum is reserved for Kooba discussion only.

    Fear not the population, there is plenty of other cool chicks in other sections of tPF. ;)
  12. Oh well...Thanks anyway guys. We all understand I'm sure.
  13. Vlad and I will think this over- but we have been saying no to these types of threads for a while now. We know that you all grow very close to one another, so we understand, promise! Let us think this over again k :yes:
  14. I know we have a general discussion board but in the short time we've been together we all have a general idea about eachother and know some of our individual pieces of history. It is just tooo overwhelming to go into a HUGE group and start talking. I think we were all looking forward to a smaller intimate group where we could really get to know eachother....rather than a "Mass sharing" kind of situation.

    Whatever you guys think will be fine. Heck...We are just tickled pink to be "Here". And thanks to you and Vlad for that.
  15. Yes and how nice is it that Swanky Mama, Vlads and Megs all replied personally?

    We're pretty lucky even if we have to venture into the general discussion boards to chat. Hey, it wasn't very long ago that we didn't even have this little place to call our own. :yes:
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