Is An Lv Worth The Price

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  1. I am new to this forum but wondering if an LV is worth the $$$
    i have never bought a bag that pricey (LV speedy 25) but I have been eyeing it....
    would love to hear some comments?

    also suggestions of similar but popular LV like bags would be appreciated
  2. If you love it, then yes. Frankly, I can't stand LV so it's not worth a dime to me...:Push:
  3. I am new to this forum and am wondering what the quality of an LV is and is it worth the price?
  4. Yes Yes Yes. It is incredibly durable and timeless.
  5. it depends on how much you use it. some bag can last for 10 years or up as an everyday bag.
    worth the price?
    depends on style
  6. not blushing - any other bag suggestions?
    similar style??? or other???
  7. Speedy what i keep looking at.....and it would be for everyday ....
  8. I am looking at the LV speedy 25 ....and it would be an everyday bag
  9. I'm not a logo or canvas fan. I really like to feel and see beautiful leather for my money. However, LV has a tremendous following because the hardware, canvas and leather seem to stand the test of time. So, an LV is worth the price if YOU love it and feel it is worth the price imo.
  10. Of course LV is worth the money. It's LV! ;)
  11. You know, I have 2 LV monogram canvas bags. I used to think they were nice until I bought some really nice leather bags. Now the LV bags feel so plastic-y and cheap. Maybe the epi leather bags are really nice. I don't think I'd by another LV. I used to think they were worth the price, now I'm not so sure.
  12. What good leather bags can you recommend....

    I am willing to pay price....but i want it to be a good quality everyday bag
  13. Take a look at Belen Echandia ( The leather is absolutely gorgeous, almost yummy. You can contact the owner Jackie with specific requests as far as color and hardware. There are several threads running on this forum regarding Belen Echandia. It is not a "known" bag that will scream out "Hey! I'm a Louis Vuitton" but several people have asked me about my BE Chocolate Love Me Mini.
  14. If it's worth it to you then it's worth it. That goes just as well for an LV as a Nine West, it's just a personal decision between you and your wallet.
  15. see i am not someone who needs to scream LV but quality is important to me....