Is an ebay seller allowed to delete all the pictures of an ended auction?


Mar 24, 2010
I got the purse and it was to make sure that its really a fake LV purse.. i had Carol authenticate it and it was really FAKE! so i emailed the seller, asking for a refund, told her it was a fake LV purse and she said "it wasnt stated in my listing that it was a LOUIS VUITTON PURSE and an AUTHENTIC" , but in her pictures of her listing, the purse says"LOUIS VUITTON" on it, all the hardwares with LV signs ETC.. (BUT A FAKE ONE) so i asked for a refund and even thanked her for her patience and understanding...(but it didnt work).. and she said, she doesnt refund for buyers remorse or second thoughts and she even said that i am NOT entitled to a refund! OMG. So i opened a case or filed a claim. Then she responded by escalating the case to EBAY CUSTOMER SERVICE.. Then after i found that out by email, I CALLED THE Ebay right away and really addressed my concern..before they make a final desicion.. so while talking to the ebay customer support representative on the phone, explaining my side, ETC.. the guy said, ok we will refund you your money but just ship the item to the seller. YAY! THANKS GOD, On the spot FINAL DECISION WAS MADE.. :smile:THEYRE IN MY FAVOR. I just didnt want to wait for 48 hours before they get back to me and just to notify me about the final decision:smile:


Spoiled Princess
Jun 17, 2007
glad it worked out for you!!! when she said "" I did not state in the listing it to authentic" i could not see any reason you would not get your money back!
i don't know why she should be allowed to have the bag back because of course it will be listed again!


What, me worry?
Dec 30, 2007
The Cool Cool North
i already asked the seller if she would consider to accept return if i really find out IT IS A FAKE LV.. (well, i already know) and this is what she said.." I did not state in the listing it to authentic blah blah bla.. and i do not refund for buyers remorse or second thoughts"..... QUOTE]

I'm glad Paypal ruled in your favour. To your seller's point about "not stating it to be authentic", it does not matter whether or not the word "authentic" is in the auction. If the auction specifies "Vuitton" or "Balenciaga" or "Coach" etc, it MUST BE authentic.