Is American Eagle's size chart accurate?

  1. I'm losing a lot (140ish pounds) of weight and I'm not looking to buy too many things from each size as I shrink so for jeans, I'm looking at the old navy/gap/american eagle price range. I've never been able to shop at american eagle before so I have no idea how they fit. Looking at the size chart, their size 18 appears to be comparable to a gap size 18, which is what I am looking for.

    Is their size chart generally accurate? I've already gotten rid of sizes 26, 24, 22, and now I am getting rid of my 20s so these aren't going to be permanent jeans. But I do want to look cute on the way down!

    Also, if the size chart is not accurate - is it too big or too small? I don't want to pay shipping on something just to try it on and they only carry up to size 14 in the stores.

  2. I'm on the short and boobless end of the AE charts, but I do find them true to the charts. However, I find the same Gap sizes to be larger for tops and more comparable for bottoms. HTH somewhat. They have free shipping over $100 right now, you might want to try a few different cuts anyway?

    Btw, you are doing AWESOME!!
  3. I find that I wear a size smaller than I should be if I used the measurements they give as a guide.

    also- Congrats, your really doing fantastically well!!
  4. Hmm, interesting, thanks! Sometimes size charts are perfect and sometimes they just appear to be a set of random and unrelated numbers.

    I think I will be ordering an 18 and a 16 (I try to always have one size down to track my progress).
  5. well if you are a size 18 you are my size, congrats on your weight loss. I too lost from a 26 down to a 18 and right now I'm trying to either maintain the 18 or lose more. Anyway I shop at ae all the time never bought jeans there though, thought about it but never can seem to find them in the store and I want to try them on before I buy to make sure they do ok. If the 18 works for you let me know. Also if you wear a xl in tops...Hollister's v necks and even some rounded necks in large stretch out to fit a xlarge, and so do A&F if you are interested in those stores as well. I know when i lost all my weight first places i ran too was hollister and a&f since i had never gotten to wear anything from there and had always wanted to. Anyway old navys 18 fits me wonderfully, but it depends on the cut too, I buy the diva and it fits me perfectly, also the mini skirts fit well there on me too if you are interested in those, same with cords.
  6. I'm losing a lot (140ish pounds) of weight

    Congrats! :urock: They do fit tts in the jeans-in the hips, not so much the waist-you may have a gap. A size 14 should work.
  7. If you go into the store to order the associates can place the order for you and you won't be charged for shipping.
  8. ^ I meant a size 18.
  9. I think they run large - at least their pants. I just bought a pair of them in my standard size and after one day of wear I realized I would have gotten a better fit if I sized down.
  10. All the jeans and pants (and actually all the clothes) run a size or two big. If you're a size 18, you should try a 16 or maybe even a 14.