Is Amazon prime really worth it?

  1. I'm mainly interested in the free shipping and watching tv shows on it. Does anyone have it if so what do you use it for?
  2. I definitely get my money's worth out of it in the free shipping alone... I've been a prime member for several years and haven't regretted it a bit.
  3. Yes! The free two-day shipping is great!
  4. I have had it for 3 years and the two day shipping is worth it , especially around the holidays or when you need a gift or item really fast , it made my nephews Christmas a couple of years ago when his Wii was delivered on Christmas Eve when everyone else was sold out of it .
  5. I've had it for about two years. It's definitely worth it because I order at least one item per week. I buy tea, candy, clothing, shoes, and pretty much everything else you can think of. It's also awesome for last minute presents.
  6. I signed up for Prime for the instant video but for me it hasn't been worth it, most of the shows and/or movies I want to watch have a fee and are not included in the 'free' selections.
  7. Thanks for your input everyone,

    Linda, I have noticed that too. The shows are NOT worth it. I guess I'll get it for the free shipping then because I do plan on buying from there often.
  8. ElleT - I love Prime for the shipping as well. We use Amazon a lot. It's one of my favorite stores - I can find everything I need.

    Sometimes I can find some good movies that I can't get on Netflix and I love that I can purchase episodes of current t.v. shows (-commercials) for a couple of dollars and watch it on my T.V. (w/internet TV).
  9. Absolutely! Shipping, TV, movies, kindle library!
  10. when I buy something on Amazon it is usually here in two days
    shipping rates are not that much on Amazon
    I try to buy more than one thing at a time
    if you spend more than I think $50 shipping is free on amazon
    I love amazon they are the best
  11. I like it...

    They have a better selection for what I watch (more PBS stuff) than Netflix, and I love the free shipping.

    Having said that, not everything is free shipping so you still have to pay and wait for those things which can be a pain. And there are shows I would like to see but have to pay for...Netflix is the same way...rather maddening.
  12. That's true. If it's not shipped directly through Amazon, you have to pay. Also, I've found when I go through those vendors, I don't get 2 day shipping. Which is why I always search to find an item that is labeled Prime. But if it's a rare item, I am willing to pay shipping.
  13. Totally worth it if you buy a lot of items online. I buy almost all my daughter's items there (diapers, wipes, toys!). I have Netflix so I don't care for the videos and I find Netflix have much wider selection too. And if you have amazon kindle like I do, the kindle borrower library has a great selection of books to borrow also.

    And, nothing beats the 2 day free shipping! Sometimes I receive it the next day too! :smile:
  14. Agree, if you shop online often AND through Amazon then it's worth it. Students that have email ending in .edu also can get PRIME at a discount rate. My cousin have it as student, he always get his bucks worth when he order furniture items. The only thing to keep in mind is not all seller participate in Prime program, and some non-prime seller also offer generous shipping.
  15. Yes, students get free prime shipping, but it doesn't include free prime instant video.

    There's also a mom program (where if you $x of kid items a month, you get x months of free prime).

    I like to get my chinese made accessories (like car chargers) here. There are reviews which make it nice.

    If you do subscribe and save, prime shipping isn't included either.