Is a legit site?

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  2. I buy my college books off amazon every semester. I haven't had any problems. It's a great site in my opinion!
  3. It better be legit. I purchased a LOT a few nights ago. Just check to see what site the item is coming from.
  4. I've bought movies from Amazon and haven't had a problem.
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    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009 is legit. It is a pretty well known site and I have bought and sold items on without a problem. You shouldn't have anything to worry about.
  6. If you buy it from a 3rd party seller, check the ratings...just like on eBay. If you buy it directly from Amazon, it's definitely legit.
  7. Amazon is probably the biggest book/movie retailer on the Internet. They're very popular and safe.

    Edit: I forgot about the third party sellers. Be careful of them, check their reviews.
  8. I LOVE (my first online purchase years ago was from amazon). If you buy from a third party seller you are covered under their "A-Z guarantee". They make you contact the seller first to try to resolve any issues (they provide you the email) before you can file an A-Z claim.
  9. definitely. the prices aren't as cheap on ebay, but you have 100% security in knowing they are legit. your only worry should be if you bought used items off other sellers, thats where issues may arise. but it sounds as if your buying it new. and even buying new items off their site has always been an enjoyable experience for me. if i didnt care about penny pinching i'd prefer amazon to ebay actually. better customer support, and it doesn't have that "street vendor" feeling, you feel like you are shopping in the internet equivelant of a mall lol
  10. never had a problem with them or their 3rd party sellers. very dependable and hassle-free.
  11. amazon is WAYYYY more customer-service orientated than ebay is, so its a little safer. ebay is more of a safe open market whereas amazon is all about the customer satisfaction
  12. Definitely legit and great customer service. I order books, DVD's, etc. from them all the time and never had an issue. I've also had a few transactions with their 3rd party sellers and no issues either.
  13. True, but Amazon's guarantee is awesome. If a marketplace seller screws you over, they take care of it for you. You don't even have to get on the phone-- you can do it all through their website. I once purchased an item from a person who posted a pic of something authentic, but then sent me a fake. Amazon refunded my money + shipping and banned the seller within 2 weeks. All of the other marketplace sellers I've dealt with have been great.

    I've been buying from them for 10 years and I've never had a bad experience with them or their CS.
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    Amazon is trustworthy for books. Other merchandise, be cautious. I've seen numerous fake designer-branded items offered at Amazon, and so I don't think they're well set up to verify authenticity of some kinds of merchandise. Also, they are a gateway for the sale of bootleg DVDs and CDs-among the stuff that is offered by their Marketplace sellers, not by Amazon itself.

    Books are safe, IMO.
  15. Yes, depends what you are buying. I have seen fake stuff from 3rd parties - well let's just say looked very questionable. Check out who the seller is. Now I have bought plenty of books, movies, toys, and even a Botkier handbag and I have had no problems.