Is alligator as lustworthy as croc?

  1. I recently saw a vintage alligator Kelly for sale, and while I initially dismissed it as "not croc", now I'm having second thoughts.

    So tell alligator just as droolworthy as croc? Less so, in your opinion? Why/why not? Can anyone give me the pros and cons of alligator? One potential pro that occurred to me is that alligator is a non-CITES species, is that correct? So no fiddling with paperwork when you travel?

    Any and all thoughts would be appreciated!
  2. I think they are virtually the same, its up to the individual. I have a piece of alligator and love it. they are basically the same animal with slight differences, it like comparing calf leather to full grown cow leather, it is basically the same thing with slightly different characteristics. It depends on the individual on which they prefer. i think thay people dismiss alligator since it is slightly cheaper, i like the rounder scales, but i like croc too, remember the average person cannot tell the difference.
  3. hmmm good point
  4. Oh and i would like to add that all skins to vary, esp. exotics particularly croc and alligator. the scale sizes, the follicle shape (if any), the scale shape, the meshing in between. I like some meshing but not a lot, (alligator generally has more) but i hate very harsh large square scales that almost resemble tiles, and would never buy a croc piece with this. So i think each piece should be inspected, close up IRL before making a decision.
  5. It's all depends on the individual's taste and savviness.

    To me, the smaller the scales, the more beautiful the skin. And the more even and symmetrical the scales, the more beautiful too.

    I like alligator on watch straps. Simply because the surface area is so small, it does not matter where the scales are small or big.

    I find too, that alligator scales are very flat and big in the middle of a bag, and the sizes of the scales do not graduate smaller. But changes quite suddenly.

    My personal choice is to stick to porosus and niloticus all the time. Then again, it's my personal choice. To each his own.
  6. BTW im sure that all exotics need CITES, my alligator CDC came with one?
  7. Here is a link discussing alligator and croc

    I own both vintage alligator and croc, non H. I also have a modern alligator H kelly and Kwanpen porosus croc *kelly.* They wear the same as far as I can tell from my vintage collection. They both have lovely patterns, and do not have too large scales - i agree with Naughtymanolo that you have to look at each bag individually, not just go by the type.

    The porosus croc farmers in Australia had a problem with skin quality due to inadequate diet, a few years back, and that may account for the *rarity* of porosus croc from Hermes.

    I believe all alligator is still controlled by US gov't because the Chinese alligator is critically endangered.
  8. ^^ the alligator strap on my watch must be too insignificant. :roflmfao: I was not given the CITES.
  9. Wow, Hummingbird, that was a really great link. Thanks!
    Hmm so I should not buy this alligator bag without a CITES, then? Even though it's vintage?
  10. I don't have even one cites for any of my bags, so i will not carry the bags overseas.
  11. So if you ever chose to sell one of your bags, Hummingbird, you couldn't sell it to any buyers but US, I guess?
  12. I was sent the porosus croc bag from overseas just recently sans cites. Flew right through customs. I don't know anything about those regulations [but i should]. I never thought about having to resell overseas if I wanted to sell. Is lizard controlled by cites? I just received one of those, too, from Australia. No cites, but vintage. ??
  13. I think lizard isn't a CITES species, but would have to double check.

    Hmmm. This is all very interesting stuff that I might not have even thought of if not for tPF. Thank you all! This place is so great.
  14. I love gator. I mostly have it on smaller accessories though, little splashes of exotic are very sexy to me!

    If you have a CITES, always always carry it. Not sure if gator needs it, but it's the rare fellow that can tell gator from croc. I've even shown many a S.A. the difference, so a customs and/or security official will likely put up the "how dare you question me" conversation if it was presented... :wtf:
  15. My lizard birkin came with CITES.