Is Abercrombie too 90's?

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  1. Like as in a trend that's pretty much over? Please don't kill me, I know nothing about these things. I'm a recovering tomboy/slob.
  2. I'm willing to bet not a lot of people on this board wear abercrombie...but I have a couple sweaters I really like! I wouldn't swathe myself in moose logos but they make pretty affordable basics.
  3. more like it's for wannabe preppy teens. they're become way too overstated now. that huge moose is everywhere! also, it seems like their materials have gotten worse over the past few years while their prices have gone up.
  4. I have a few sweaters I really like from their. I am also very petite & they tend to have small sizes which is good for me.
  5. It depends on your age and why you're wearing Abercrombie. (haha i just realized I am wearing Abercrombie sweats and a long sleeved Abercrombie tee to sleep) I did most of my A&F purchasing in college and I havent gone into a store in a few years. Some of their pieces are comfy though. If you were to purchase any clothing from there, be sure it's good quality items (such as their wool sweaters); not the overpriced Tees & accessories. Even their jeans have been outrageously overmarked... If you are a semi tomboy/slob, maybe try another retailer that has more girlie and decent priced items..
  6. I went through a big Abercrombie phase in the 8th grade- but eventually I got tired of seeing it everywhere. Their quality can also be fairly inconsistent- a couple henleys I got were fine but a t and a sweater faded and pilled up after only a half-dozen washes.
  7. hehee that;s funny I never heard of soemthing being 'too 90s' before
  8. its a bit teeny boppy but i like most of their stuff. i bought a denim mini skirt from there for when i went on vacation. they have some nice sweaters too and tanks.
  9. I love Abercrombie jeans because I'm tall and skinny and have a hard time finding jeans that fit my butt, so their "made for 12-year-olds" thing really works for me:shame: . But that's all I wear from there - the rest of it is way too young for me. And I do think the Abercrombie style is a little out dated in a 90s sort of way :yes:
  10. I'm 21. A classmate of mines swears by the stuff, so I decided to check it out (particularly because it's so affordable). Then I remembered the craze awhile back...hence this thread.
  11. I used to shop there when I was in highschool. Now I'm over it. I just don't like like when my sweaters are plasterd with their logos.
  12. Buying any brand all the time is BORING ... I hate it when every item of clothing screams A&F, like a lot of people do ... good advice to pick a few things that are very good quality and then forget the rest.
  13. seems like sound advice, jparis.
  14. I actually quite like abercrombie, though I am 17... so still in high school. I gaurantee that every girl in my school has at least 3 things from abercrombie. I dont buy their jeans, ever! over priced, and dont fit well on me! But i do like the store, good post, its interesting to see other people view on abercrombie!
  15. I worked at A&F for two years during college, I have a ton of tees from them & I still love their sweatpants and hoodies.

    I'm a big fan of buying what you like. I like A&F, so I buy it.