Is a winter bag really needed?

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  1. I live in Europe and in my country it is cold and rainy alot of times. I was thinking of buying a damier speedy 30 but i'm not sure if i like it more than the mono 30. I have the mono 25 and i'm so scared to use it :hysteric:
  2. It is not a bad idea to have a bag to carry in the rain/snow or whatever. I know some people on this forum have a less expensive bag to carry on "bad" weather days.
  3. If you don't particularly like the damier pattern, you can dress it up with a lovely scarf or charm. There are many threads you can search to see how some of the girls here do it. I love the damier. It is so classy, IMO. Or, you could even try an epi speedy. Either way, have fun deciding on a new bag and show us pics when you get it!
  4. I live in the Netherlands as well :smile: , and have a damier Duomo. Don't worry about ruïning your bag...the canvas is a perfect, tough material that will stay beautifull, and the dark damier pattern is ideal for rainy days/winter.
    I hope you start using your Speedy more often, it's such a pretty bag!
  5. I like the Damier way more than the mono in the Speedy... it's just a frehser look IMHO. I live in Canada where we've had snow already, and my damier is pefect for that. Totally recommend it! (I use the 25 though since the 30 is too big on me for a bag).
  6. Carry away I say! I have the mono Speedy 35 and once the leather patina'd, I carry it whenever and wherever. As long as it's not a typhoon or a monsoon, I'd take it out with me.
  7. I don't have a bag specifically for bad weather. I use my Mono bags all year!!!
  8. I know the canvas os really strong i worry about the vachetta more. I have dirty hands all the time (subway,train,bike). i'm not really into scarves for bags. I've seen all these grat mono speedy's on celebs but i haven't seen nice modelling photo's of people wearing the damier speedy
  9. i love the duomo btw!
  10. If you're not using the mono 25, why buy the 30? I live in Chicago, and don't take out my mono in rain or snow, which is pretty often! It's a pain to think that much about it.

    Or maybe buy one used, perhaps that would make it easier to use without the guilt of watermarks.
  11. i use my 25 most of the time, more than my BH. but only on small trips when i know my bag will be quite safe
  12. I have the Duomo. It is my favorite bag (so far)! The hardware is gorgeous on the duomo. Get the duomo, you will never regret it. It also has 4 brass feet on the bottom. I gaze at mine constantly. Everytime I carry it I get the best compliments. Plus, it's a little smaller than the speedy 30, and it holds its shape well. The lining in the duomo is tdf--red alcantera.
  13. It'll make things a lot less stressful ! :yes:

    I have a Coach ski hobo that only comes out in the winter, and I really enjoy it, you just gotta get yourself something that's a little more durable if the elements are threatening !
  14. I love my mono speedy and I just USE it and enjoy it!! :smile:
  15. i live in the boston area and a winter bag is a must. i carry damier for the fall/winter months- and longer if the spring is very wet! i really love the damier- no worries at all! and, it looks nice with winter colors.