is a wallet/agenda worth it?

  1. So I've really been wanting to get either a new wallet or agenda, but I've never had one from LV before. The trouble is, I'm having trouble bringing myself to spend as much as I might on a bag! Is it worth it? Or am I better off just getting a new bag? :confused1:
  2. I don't use agendas much but def. recommend an LV wallet! BTW, you are not alone not wanting to spend this much on a wallet!;) I am sure many of LV wallet owners have been there but LV wallets are def. worth the $$$!:yes:
  3. I think the wallet is really worth it - since people rarely switch wallets (I just can't do it frequently.. too lazy). It IS a little painful since it's as much as a bag, but they're sooo cute !

    I kind of have a little bit of beef with agendas tho.. so I don't find them very useful at all. That didn't stop me from buying a red groom one tho ! :graucho:
  4. i just bought a koala agenda last week & i love it. i'm using it as a agenda/wallet for now & my next purchase is 10 to 1 going to be a wallet.
  5. It is definitely worth it, especially if you put it to good use everyday!
  6. I have a couple LV wallets but no agendas. I highly recommend a wallet before agenda.
  7. I don't use an agenda either, so I would not spend the money on an LV one for nothing. I think a wallet is a great idea. Well worth the money! You will have a classy wallet to go with your classy bags!
  8. I prefer wallet over agenda, I really use my wallet everyday and it is worthy for money that I paid!

    I will buy agenda one day later. Still not decide which material to buy (vernis ? new design ?) Love the PM size which is cute and can be used as a wallet! similar to my favorite wallet design FP.
  9. i do not use agendas.. but i would highly recommend the LV wallet... my dad has his LV wallet for more than 5 years and it still looks like new :tup:
  10. amazing !!:tup:
  11. I haven't had a wallet in forever and found that getting my medium mono agenda I've been able to double it as a wallet as well as a daily planner... Its a lot of money IMO but its been totally worth it to have it double!
  12. The agenda covers are relatively cheap, so if your means are (somewhat) limited, buy one and use it as a wallet with the apprpriate inserts.

    I have three wallets: a billfold, a coin wallet and a small wallet called Ludlow. They are all well-made and sturdy. Just don't overstuff them.
  13. Go for a wallet.
  14. I have to agree with you, the LV wallets price tags are kind of too high.

    However, I think everyone should have at least 1 LV Wallet in their collection.

    One will last a very long time and you can just use it with all of your LV bags.

    There is no need to get a matching wallet everytime you buy a new bag ..... 1 is good enough. :smile: