Is a Vibrato bag a must have?

  1. I was at a job interview this morning and one of the girls there pulled out a Vibrato Picotin with pinks in it and a pink lining. It was gorgeous (although hers was a bit beat up and used). What do you think? Theres one one eBay thats rather nice, but sooo small.

    Are they easy to care for?
  2. I've had a vibrato coin purse that I've used daily for the past six months. It's a little dirty on the outside, but surprisingly far dirtier on the inside. Ok, maybe that's not so surprising.

    I do have a "vibrato eraser" that does freshen up the outside considerably, and I just think it's a completely joyful leather. I'd recommend it as long as you're not too, too hard on your bags.

    I also have a vibrato picotin in perfect shape because I'm a bit afraid of using it. One thing I've noticed about it is that it has a hard time holding it's shape well. Perhaps I need to stuff it with acid-free tissue paper. Or actually use it!
  3. Donna,

    I was thinking of buyinf a vibrato Picotin, until my SA steered me away. She said it is not an everyday bag. If i remember correctly, it is made of lambskin, so it is prone to marks and scratches. The H stores sell a special eraser with it to take care of marks.

    If the color combos are right, vibrato is beautiful.
  4. I saw 2 Vibrato Herbag on
  5. I saw some really nice vibrato herbags at last year's sample sale in NYC and could kick myself for not getting it, it was a brown, green, god knows what else combo but very nuetral
  6. I agonize over vibrato - to me, it really depends on what the combination of leathers used looks like. I've seen some that were very nice, some that I didn't care for at all, and two or three that are TDF!
  7. I love vibrato, but I'm very selective about the combinations. There's some that are beautiful, some that are nicely complemented, and then some that are ... umm ... "unique". It's kind of a hit and miss. If there's a specific combo you like, it's usually a matter of luck to see that being offered at the Podium, as my SA said that they rarely repeat the same combo. So if you find one you fancy, snatch it up right away!
  8. Exactly! Saw a Canoe bag that was great in greens and blues and a Kelly that had an orange box flap in oranges and forget what else. It looked like a nightmare, so I wanted to forget it:nuts:
  9. The blue/purple combo Vibrato with raisin (box?) trim, in a Birkin, makes me want this, every time I see it...
  10. They are colorful and unique, and in a small cute Picotin I would probably get one if the color combi catches my eye. In a Birkin, I'm not so sure. I worry about the "dirt" issue which Coco-nut pointed out. Perhaps that's why it's not that popular? My SA also told me strips of the leather had fallen off another customer's Picotin before so she also steered me away from the Vibratos last time I enquired about them.
  11. I think Vibrato is gorgeous. :love:
    I have a small purseket in my (clemence) Picotin and it helps it hold its shape. You can fit a suprising amount in it even though it is a PM.
  12. MightKismet has that bag. I love it!
  13. Me too. It's the reason I buy lottery tickets.

  14. Vibrato Picotins are lined unlike most regular Picotins, so they stand up and hold their shape really well.
    I will certainly let you all know how well my Vibrato Birkin wears over time, but I don't plan to use it that often --- I bought it with the intention that it would only enter into the rotation occasionally. But, I love looks like a piece of candy to me ,somehow.
  15. Am I the only one who doesn't go crazy for vibrato here?
    It's not really my cup of tea and, I am sorry, but I don't consider it a must even if it's typically Hermès, and unique.... Sorry Donna:shame: ... (but that's just me after all)

    But if you like it I would say that picotin is the best option because it is vibrato overall, and no combos with plain leather on the same surface....