Is a tote essential

  1. Is this a LV Bag?
  2. nope. galliera is a huge hobo that will do the same job a tote can do.
  3. my NF is my little everyday buddy. i prefer it's straps than that of the Delightful. the NF's straps stay in place, while the delightful's strap keeps falling off my shoulder. i don't know, maybe it's just me.

    it not an essential per se, as i don't really collect just for the sake of collecting, i want something that i use whenever i want, but it's good to have something that I don't baby. it's heavy duty! i have the GM, btw.

  4. You have a good point because that bag holds tons..
  5. No, Goyard is an entirely different (French) brand. You should check out the Goyard forum here...
  6. I think so. Although lately, I've been using my Speedy 35 more than anything else.

    A tote is a really good alternative if you will need complete use of your hands, I think.
  7. depends

    I live in a rainy climate, I must have a zip top, so for me - no
  8. hi,

    just wondering what sized base shaper you used for your lumineuse? :smile:
  9. It is the perfect work travel or gym big. Awesome for its use.
  10. I think a tote is definitely a good thing to have!! While I don't use mine as a daily bag, they are great for travel or when you need to haul a bunch of stuff around. I have an azur in the MM size and a mono in the GM size.
  11. I agree with this.
  12. I had the DE NF GM and returned it, not because I didn't think it was functional but because I had trouble with the glazing coming apart on a one week old bag.

    That being said, I decided to return that and get a Delightful GM which to me was another type of tote.

    I love totes, so my answer is yes. I may one day own a NF b/c I absolutely love the way it looks but it will definitely be a MM in either Monogram or DA print.
  13. I agree with sue. I have a Damier Ebene NF GM and a Navy Goyard St Louis GM. The Goyard receives compliments all the time. I wasn't crazy about it at first - thought it was too big/wide and looked like a beach bag but after 8 months of use, the canvas has relaxed and softened without looking sloppy like a NF that has lost it's shape. It has become one of my favorite totes.