Is a split logo a sign of a fake?

  1. I’m fairly new to the world of Goyard. Is a split logo a sure sign of a fake? IMG_2062.jpg IMG_1532051619.514506.jpg

    I know with Vuitton they don’t split the LV logo (at least not on any I have seen thus far)

  2. Urban myth. Louis Vuitton does in fact split its logo on many authentic items.
  3. Ah! Didn’t know that. The fakes are getting harder to tell these days. Both the above are from authentic pieces afaik. I have one Goyard from the Chicago store but have been looking at pre-loved as well. I’m just so wary of online resellers
  4. No matter the brand, the only way to know for sure that a piece is 100% authentic is to buy new from a boutique.