Is a Speedy 35 really much bigger than a 30?

  1. I looked the pics of PF'ers with a Speedy Mono 30 & 35 and ended up buying a 30 and love it. But now I think I need a 35 because I think 30 is a little too small for me.
    I LOVE my bag, but if a 35 isn't that much bigger than the 30 I don't know if I should sell it to get the 35. :girlsigh:
    Anyone else sell their 30 to get a 35 for more space and happy they did it? Any regrets it's too big? It would be my everyday purse too :love:

  2. If you have more stuff to carry around than the 30 can handle, I say get it. I have a 30, but it carrys everything I need. I think size is more of a personal preference. Some say height has to do with what size bag is good for you, but I'm 5'3 and I find that I look better with big bags. I've never been a tiny bag type of girl.
  3. i personally dont own a speedy... but kathyrose does. you should ask her! :smile:
  4. I bought a Speedy 35 after I got my 30 and I never use my 35 - it is just too big for what I need to carry. It depends on what you carry on a daily basis! :yes:
  5. thank you for all your help!!:flowers:

    addictedtolv, i saw somewhere else in another post you were thinking of getting the 35 after getting a 30 and was going to PM you about it & what you thought. THANKS so much for posting your thoughts!! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  6. I can tell you that you'd definitely feel it's much bigger the first time you see the 35. After a while, one day I look at my 35 and was wondering why I felt like it was small (like it's a 30 or something) but that's just cause I got used to it.

    Now the 40 is big no matter what. LOL.
  7. It's my dilemma currently!

    Probably I will think till the last minute...anyways, I am flying off to vacation on this Sat, and hitting the LV store on SUnday, and coming out with...let's see!!!!!!

    This is a gift to myself for really good fiscal year I did with my team :yes:

    Also, I am thinking of getting a Gucci/Paddy, but not yet decided.

    And then it's sweet vacation & ittle bit work and I know I will be enjoying my Speedy and nice Ritz.......Cannot wait!!!!! I have deserved it :P
  8. I have got the Mono 30 and I love it, but I also wish they made a Damier in 35. I would definitely get one! I don't feel like buying 2 almost similar Mono bags with such a small size difference. :girlsigh:
  9. I just feel like the 30 is too small for some reason now :sad: . I love it and thought it would be perfect and I don't carry too much and still feel this way...

    I think I will try to search for a great deal on ebay ( making sure it is 100% authentic like the gorgeous Speedy 30 I found on there ) and get a 35 :love: . Bigger is better I think.

    Kathyrose, thanks for the help too. I saw your pics with both the 30 & 35 and you look great with the 35 :girlsigh: