is a saddle bag a must have for a "proper" Dior collection? :)

  1. Just wondering what you all think...I saw someone wearing one while out to lunch recently and thought it just looked so fab. Would it be a good staple piece in your opinion? As you can tell, I'm contemplating my next Dior purchase...just don't tell my DH, lol! ;)
  2. :lol: abt the DH comment!

    i think it's a good classic piece to have. much like a lady dior. better yet, get one of those limited edition saddles. heh ;)
  3. Yes, I agree with zerodross! It's a classic piece that you really MUST have if you love Dior. Oh if I only have the extra moolah, I would like to own one of the limited editions... sigh!
  4. i think everyone in the world should have a dior saddle ! :yes: check out the evening saddles that Christina Aguilera has in our celebrities thread...tdf! :heart:
  5. Good question. I have been collecting DIOR for a while and I can't imagine my collection without at least one saddle. I have 4 saddles I am a sucker for the CD hardware it gets me every time. :shame:
  6. I agree with everything that has been said above! :biggrin:

    A Dior collection without a Saddle bag is like a Chanel collection without a classic flap bag.
  7. ^ heh, you're right May! i just realised i don't have a dior saddle, nor a chanel classic flap in my dior/chanel stash. :lol:

  8. shopping time hun... :yes:
  9. My first (and only) Dior handbag, was my saddle. I took one look, and fell in :heart: ...
  10. I thought you have a small Chanel flap bag...maybe I'm mixing the names of the Chanels up...I always thought the classic flap was their quilted rectangular bag with a flap that only goes halfway down the bag (and a small CC logo).

    Anyway, I agree with should buy a Dior Saddle sometime :biggrin: (maybe the limited edition country saddles once you become a lawyer!!!)
  11. hehe the flap i have is an east/west rather than their classic flap per se (but you're absolutely right about the classic flap being like you described). i'm just waiting till the right colour of classic flap comes along (well actually the red python is the right colour!) before i get one.

    :drool: heh, i've been thinking of that limited edition french saddle bag endlessly, but even if i were to get a present for my birthday + graduation combined this summer, i don't think my parent would blow that kind of money on a bag for me. :sad:

    i'm a lousy dior fan, it's not that i don't want a saddle, but i've not found a saddle i'm completely in love with (bar the limited edition one of course)!
  12. i say lets get 12 girls together and buy one or two limited edition saddles and then each of us can have them for a month... a dior version of time-share apartments in hawaii hehehe:yes:
  13. ^ consider me in! :roflmfao:
  14. ^ That's the idea behind that "Bag, borrow or steal" website right?
  15. hmm do they have designer bags available ? :yes: maybe we should write to them and suggest limited saddles !?