Is a ripped corner a big deal?

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  1. Hey Ladies,

    I wanted to know if a ripped corner was a deal breaker if you were looking for a oldie, but a goodie?

    Is it something that could be repaired?

    Thanks :smile:

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  2. No idea what the price is, for me it's a bit too far gone...but there are some ladies on tPF who have great rehab skills, so you may want to see if they chime in!
  3. The price is unbelievable! Which is why I think it's worth the effort to see if it can be repaired.
  4. Go to the care and maintenance threads and take a look, there's some great restoration info there. Look at "kerryisntreal" 's posts, she has a ton of info. If the price is good and you're sure it's authentic and are looking for a project give it a try, I'm looking for a cheapie to experiment on myself! Be sure to post your before and after pics!
  5. It doesn't look too bad to me other than that corner. The handles seem good- thats where the damage usually starts. All I can say is that if you take it to someone for repair, make sure they are skilled in handbag repair- I took a stam bag to a shoe repair once thinking the repair would be no big deal and the results were worse than the original damage.
  6. Sorry to derail this thread, but muchstuff- I tried to post a PM to you and it says your PM is full and you need to clear it out.

    I wanted to ask if you would take a look at this authentication request

    Serial number:
    173084 1000 (dot in the middle of those numbers)
    Made in Italy

    That "1000" number in the serial seems odd.
  7. Hi, have cleared out my inbox but I truly am not the person to authenticate for you, I wish I had the knowledge but I don't like to risk other people's hard-earned money! If you're not getting an answer on the "authenticate this" forum take a look and make sure you have all of the necessary photos in the correct format. Sorry!
  8. aha- you seemed like a bit of an expert the last time I talked to you. Yeah the authenticate people will reply soon I think.
  9. Sorry if I gave you that impression, I don't try to pretend to be an expert at all, I only post info if I'm comfortable doing so, usually if it's something I've experienced myself. Authenticating isn't in my comfort zone.
  10. A leather specialist familiar with Balenciaga may be able to repair the corner by replacing all or a portion of the trim, but matching the color will be a significant challenge. The handles also look badly worn. If anyone can do it, I would say talk to Lovin' My Bags... I've never used them but loads of people here have used them and reported back on their miraculous repairing abilities.
  11. Thanks ladies!
  12. ITA I'll run away from this lol