Is a pouch worth keeping?

  1. I got one for x mas, and well, i seriously have no use for it. Its cute, i love the colors but it doesnt go under my arm. I already have a demi. I also noticed the white leather on the bottom has a scratch in it and that really annoys me! i'm sure if i try and exchange it for another they be all gone! this was bought x mas eve..

    keep for cuteness? annoying scratch? it was 57$ from the outlet
    dad 003b.jpg
  2. if you're not going to use it, get something else that you will... will the gifter be offended if you return it? you can always tell them about the scratch & when you tried to exchange it they were out..
  3. seriously theres nothing i want from coach at the moment. i like to have one bag of every size and thats it! we have to go back to the outlet anyways because my mom didnt want her wallet we got her =(

    i just cant decide.. love the leather/color combo, the leather is butter yet no real use for it.. ( that i can think of )
  4. Could you keep it in your car for cosmetics, or something like that?

    I know where you're coming from, though.....I saw some adorable pouches at the outlet last week but they're just not practical in any way for me.
  5. If you truly have no use for it then return it. I'm sure once you get in the outlet something else just might catch your eye!
  6. if you're not going to use it then I would return for something else. Maybe a keyfob, charm or mini skinny? It is cute, though.
  7. Ive never seen any nice charms in the outlet near me.. Gilroy, ca, They dont even have my letter! a " W " i know for sure its an uncommon letter. I can sometimes use an M and turn it around but i dont think i can with that charm.

    Ive always wanted a mini skinny but i have a med skinny now and it servers the exact purpose.

    I had this delimma when i wanted a LV speed 25.. its just not practical for me to carry a bag with your hands or arm all the time.. Hell i cant even carry a shoulder bag on my left shoulder to save my life lol my mom does though.. kinda odd how that works out
  8. Maybe you can return it and get store credit so that when you see something you want, you can use that towards your purchase.
  9. If you don't want it return it.
  10. I personally dislike the pouches :tdown: They are ugly IMO.
  11. i have a pouch too! it's the blue/brown scarf print pouch. i'd had it since fall of 2006 and i've only used it once. i agree, it's so small and won't fit comfortably under my arm (and i'm a petite 5'2'' 100 lbs)! plus i'm paranoid about getting it dirty, the fabric is that smooth and shiny satiny material. but i got such a good deal for it, i found it off of craigslist for $60 when the retail was like $200 i think. i even had my boyfriend to drive the one hour to pick it up for me, since i was at school in los angeles at the time and the purse was in palo alto in the northern CA area.

    i can't part with it because it's so pretty, even though i find that i hardly use it. but i'm going to keep it and make sure i use it one of these days. for me, i guess i can justify keeping it since i got it at such a good price and don't feel guilty for wasting a lot of money on a purse i used probably once or twice a year. (but i'm definitely done with small purses! i'm more of a tote type of girl, this is the only one small purse i'll probably ever have.)

    i guess if you really feel that you'll NEVER use this pouch, then exchange it or get credit.
  12. I have a pouch...and I'm not really a small bag type of girl. I've only used it a few times for going to a concert-type events...because I didn't feel comfortable having my big tote there.

    If you won't use it like..ever though, def. return it and either get some cash or store credit!
  13. I think it's cute and good for when you aren't carrying everything with you...

    However, if you aren't going to use it, return it or exchange it!
  14. i just got a pouch and i am a plus sized girl , i wear it on my arm when i use it its fun and I love to look at her. I admit she will probably be handed down to my girls soon
  15. I love pouches!! I dont think I could use anything bigger! lol