Is a NM Gift card transferable?


Nov 1, 2006
RI'er living in Maine
Around Black Friday NM had a promo Butterfly game and I made a purchase and got the gift card which is due to expire at the end of the month? I am wondering if the card is transferable b/c there's nothing I need/want right now so I was thinking I might be able to sell it on eBay. So I guess that would be my second Q. Is eBay a good place to sell it? I am a little scared of doing that because what if I sell it, the buyer pays, I send them the codes for the NM card and then they file a dispute? Then would I be out both the gift card and the money?

What are your thoughts? Should I just keep the card and buy something silly (like a way overpriced but cute as a button Kate Mack swimsuit for DD) or should I try selling it on eBay?

Thanks in advance.

NOTE: I am not selling the card here and not looking for offers so please do not PM me with offers as it is against PF rules!!!!!


Dec 27, 2009
With all the bad buyer horror stories out there, I would rather just buy something with the card rather than deal with a potential headache... Just my opinion. ;)