Is a new vernis color coming out in Jan/Feb?

  1. Last year we got the pomme in Feb. Does that mean we get a new color this coming Feb? Did anyone hear any news about any new vernis colors coming out? I'd love to plan a spring vernis purchase.
  2. haven't heard anything yet
  3. That'd be fun for a new color to come out... Maybe like a periwinkle or a light pink or something?
  4. I haven't heard anything yet either.

    You know, the other day, I was thinking about this. My thoughts...a jade color. We haven't seen a green vernis in a while. This is what I do, daydream about LV. :p
  5. no more pink. PLEASE! we need greens and blues!
  6. A green or a blue would be wonderful....but I'm thinking a sparkly grey to match the new grey inclusion that's coming out in November would be just lovely for the holidays
  7. i agree! at this point it seems like they've done every shade of red/pink possible! i think something like cobalt blue or some other dark blue (something like amarante, but bluish rather than red) would be nice.
  8. Of course I would say :love:purple:love: ...

    pretty pretty please ... with sugar on top! :cutesy:
  9. Oooooh, purple is so right now, that would be fabulous. And not so great for my pocketbook. I would buy up tons of pieces.
  10. Oh grey would be pretty!!! I'd love a black, too!
  11. a french blue :] and another pink of course :], cause i lovveeee pink!, and maybe a baby purple (lilac?)
  12. I agree with the black, that would be just killer! There isn't much that I wouldn't like in vernis though....
  13. has there been a yellow vernis yet? Bright yellow was all over the runway this upcoming spring.
  14. ^^^ Oh my a nice dark blue would be very pretty.
  15. I heard from 2 diff sa's , different stores there will be a new pink and a new red, also I heard that a black, we will see.