Is a monogram Speedy 30 on anyones elses wishlist??

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  1. ??????????
  2. It was until I bought it LOL
  3. Not the 30 but the 35:graucho:
  4. i think i wanna get the damier one too. idk do you think the damier would be too big in the 30...i was thinkin the 25 but might look too small on me. im 5'6" 120lbs
  5. I'd like the mono 25, or maybe an epi, a perfo :shrugs: . I want too many bags already.
  6. I have one, but now I want the Azur Speedy 30. LOL!!
  7. lol i know. lol. i want the epi speedy 25 in red too. damn it WHY do i love speedys sooo much! i need some variety!
  8. i didnt know if the azur speedy looked weird..cause its light colored maybe...or maybe the pics i saw (on here...the LV show) were just on REALLY skinny models. I hate how they fold the the heck are you suppost to get those creases out!
  9. The only Speedies that Eluxury didn't fold when shipped was my red Epi Speedy 25 and Damier Speedy 25. My Mono Speedy 30 was folded and just stuffed it full with old t-shirts.
  10. yeah i got mine from 1866vuitton and i didnt expect it to be came in a big enough box...only used like 1/3 of the box....*pout face* im still trying to get the creases out. actually i think i might wanna get rid of mine and get a damier 25
  11. i like it but no not on my list cos i dun like patina and try so so hard not to use my other mono bags in order to keep the leather looking fresh. i'm weired i know :smile:
  12. Hmm...I want a PH or a Cabas Piano...oh, and a Damier Saleya sounds good, too!
  13. in either the damier or mini lin YES !!!
  14. My very first LV
  15. Same here :graucho: