Is a money order or Western Union payment safe?

  1. Hi all!
    I am pretty new at selling on ebay and usually I only take a confirmed payment though paypal. However, I have a buyer who says he/she can only pay through a money order or western union. The sale is a final sale, so is it safe to allow this kind of payment? help :sad: !
  2. I know Money Orders are safe because they are paid for up front. It's not like a check where they draw from an account. She/he has to actually pay the total amount to whoever is issuing the money order.

    I have never used Western Union, but I know many people use it.
  3. I won't recommend either but if you have to, accept USPS MO Only or let the MO clear in bank acct first. Than send item because some MO's can be counterfeit and you bank would accept it than later deduct the amount because the MO was fake. Western Union, definte No, No...
  4. I'm with boku. Money orders can and have been widely counterfeited. I would recommend having them use the USPS money order. It has very specific security features that the counterfeiters have not succeeded in duplicating. However, there are plenty of counterfeit USPS money orders. So when you receive one, you need to check for all the security features and also check for it on the Federal Reserve website database. Here is more detailed information:
  5. I accept money orders, and I take them directly to the post office to cash, and only then do I ship. Western Union scares me.
  6. I hate Western Union. I used it to buy a bag from a PF member (back in the days of the WTS thread). Due to the time change she was unable to pick it up within 36 hours, and so my bank cancelled it since it was going to the middle east (wierd but that is how they do it). Now my bank is still trying to get the funds back from WU, even though WU says that they are aware the funds were cancelled, they will not communicate with my is a big mess.
  7. Better yet. Take the USPS Money order directly to the post office and let them cash it foryou. They are able to look up the number and verify it is not stolen. You will getyour money instantly and no chance of getting screwed.
  8.'s the honest a seller, accepting Western Union wired payments is the easiest, surest & safest way of collecting money.

    The buyer wires the money & sends you the transfer #. You go to wherever Western Union is available in your area (like a grocery store in my area, for example) , fill out a receive $ form, & you get instant cash!

    No risk of the buyer being able to file disputes with paypal because you got the money in hand -- no risk of credit card chargebacks either.

    Ebay doesn't allow sellers to advertise that they accept WU wired payments because it does leave the buyer without recourse. But, if you're an honest seller & want to offer an international buyer a quick & easy option to pay, I think it's great.
  9. I have heard some really nightmare stories about WU & fake Money Orders...I always go straight to the bank & get the funds USPS MO only (they look the info up etc.) and then & only then...ship the bag...
  10. money order - usps

    western union money transfer --- it's more in your favor, like crowgal said.
  11. That is VERY TRUE...:biggrin:
  12. I did not say it was unsafe, I was simply reporting my only experience with them.
  14. thanks so much ladies! I think i agoing to ask her to send only a USPS mo then! This forum is SO much help! thanks ladies!