Is a Magenta LE w/ rh city impossible to find?

  1. Being that this was a limited item, is Balny sold out??? I would think that they would be given the hold up in delivery and other problems they had getting this bag in stock. Has anyone heard? Or know of any reputable second hand stores (like real deal collection or AFF) that has one or will be getting one? There is one on a certain auction site right now, but it is very expensive. TIA everyone, I so appreciate you helping me find my HG!
  2. Have you called BALNY I know they have Le Magenta with GGH.
  3. Good tip, I need to call Kim in the a.m. Rockerchic gave me a good tip, thank you so much sweetie!
  4. about 2 weeks ago Bal-NY had one.
  5. I faxed in my LE with RH order two weeks ago and I'm supposed to get it by tomorrow! I think they still have some, it's just that you need to email or ask them ;) good luck with your search!
  6. Shasta - there is one on eBay right now!
  7. Thanks Rosie, I found one thanks to a fellow tpfer. The one on eBay is lovely, but very $$$$$!