Is a LV wallet a must?

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  1. Just wondering how many of you would/do spend 500$ on a wallet that mostly hides inside a purse?

    Do you feel that you must have an LV wallet or do you 'cheap out' and put the money saved toward a purse?
  2. I'm saving up for a LV wallet as I love the thought of matching purse and bag..but I guess it is a matter of taste.
  3. if u have the money. why not ?
  4. I always want to buy an LV wallet but then something else comes up and I keep postponing the wallet purchase. But I'm all for accessories even if they are going to be in the bag!
  5. Depends on. I don't think it is a "must", but if you like it, you should get one. I was initially also more into saving for additional bag. But then I saw the french purse in Damier ebony and just absolutely loved it - so I got it. But if you are not so into wallets - I would just spare the money for some more gorgeous bags!
  6. honestly... a wallet is SO functional... depending which u get, but yeah, u use it 24/7. so its worth it. thats my 2c's
  7. For me a wallet is a must. My first was the porte-tresor international, but it wasn't quite right, so I returned it and got my lovely french purse. I love opening my handbag and seeing lots of little LVs inside!
  8. I have an LV wallet. It's an azur pochette wallet so it doesn't really go with ALL my bags but I don't really care. I love her to death. Before getting it, I debated whether I wanted to spend so much on a wallet too, but after I got it, I'm soooo glad I did! :love:
  9. I was hesitant to spent $500 for a wallet, but I actually use it more than my purse. I have the mono pochette, and carry it as a clutch quite often.
  10. I have 2 LV wallets, a big one and a small one. I've been using the small one since the day I got it 5 months ago so it was definitely worth it. My BF who isn't really into LV is very impressed with it, and actually wants a wallet now, so I guess it seems worth it to him too.
  11. I haven't longed for a LV wallet until recently. Now that I have a few purses to rotate, I am ready to save for a LV wallet.
    I'm trying to decide on a zippy, I think. Vernis, epi, MC? All so gorgeous!
  12. The more I think about this, I realize I really love using my wallet. I also had it hot-stamped and love seeing my initials embossed in the canvas when opening it!
  13. i love marc jacobs wallets, so i have my lvs and pull out a wonderful pop of color....via a marc jacobs zip clutch.... i don't think it's imperative to match wallet and fact those 'in the know' do not match....matching for the sake of matching is passe
  14. Everybody needs one good wallet,soo after you bought all the bags you wanted,a lv wallet is a must I think.For now i prefer saving 500$ for a bag then a wallet,but later on,i must get a lv wallet cuz I think they are cute and they have great quality,one of the main reasons i change wallets its because they break.
  15. i've been wanting an LV wallet eversince i got my 1st LV bag :drool:but i can't make myself buy 1 'coz i always think that if i add a few more $ i can get myself a new bag! hehehe! so i guess it depends if you have the money, then go for it! But it doesn't have to match your bags. And i agree, you use your wallet more than your bag. I'm currently using a gucci wallet but i will definitely replace it with an LV when the right time comes (that's when i get all the bags in my wishlist:girlsigh: ...and hopefully LV doesn't come up with a new style that'll get my attention! ):smile: