Is a Lolli by Reincarnation bag REALLY worth the wait and hassle?

  1. I ordered a Lolli by Reincarnation Mudflap bag on October 18. I knew they were made to order, and according to their website I was to allow up to 2 1/2 weeks for delivery. When that time came close to the end, I emailed a polite but curious note inquiring if my bag was close to being delivered. I even appologized for my impatients. I got an email back saying it would mail out the end of the next week. I waited two more weeks. Still no bag or notice of delivery. So I sent another email. Same response. Bag would go out the next week. At five weeks, I called and they said the same thing...I would get the bag in a week and I would get a free belt to compinsate for the delay. I told them that I don't know if I can beleive them because they keep saying that, so I asked them to note that if I don't get it in a week I wanted to cancel my order. Oh, and did I mention they charged my credit card six weeks ago!

    They keep giving excuses for the delay, because of the Lucky promotion and holidays. But shouldn't they have been prepared for that? And I really don't see how that should become my problem.

    So I called today, and the SA said she'd have to call back. I insisted I wanted my order canceled no matter what. We'll see if anyone calls back.

    Can anyone attest, are these bags worth this pain?
  2. No bag is worth that kind of grief, IMO. What horrible customer service!
  3. I absolutely LOVE lolli bags but have not ordered simply bc I am dreadful of the wait time...I think they really need to figure out a new way of getting their bags out. I mean- I know they are made to order and that is awesome, BUT they abviously need more people to make the bags! I really dont blame you for cancelling your order. I am so sorry you had to deal with all of the hassle...hopeflully you will find an even better bag to make up for it!
  4. Update: Just got a call from a Lolli SA, or maybe a manger. She appologized and is issueing a refund.

    I've never seen these bags in person, but I thought it was cute online and I had a great discount code. Plus, the 'idea' that the bag is made just for me sounded good, but now I know better.

    I guess if any of you TPFer's are thinking about ordering one, my only advise is expect it to take a LOOONG time to get it.
  5. Long wait times are one thing, but giving you the runaround and charging your card without sending you what you paid for is another. At least now you have money to go towards getting another new bag!
  6. seriously, they should make first, charge right before sending. not charge then think about making it!
  7. I agree. I think it's shady to charge the card before shipping, especially when there is a delay.

    But now I wonder, I swore to myself I wouldn't buy any more bags until after the holidays. But since this one was refunded, am I allowed one more bag?:graucho: I still have a vancancy for a purple bag!
  8. It's also shady to promise things you can not possibly fulfill IMO. Put a more realistic delivery date and you won't tick your customers off. How about a little honesty? And yes I agree, most of the places I deal with charge your card when shipping not weeks before. After all, you will either have to pay it off or begin accruing interest on a wait of more than 6 weeks.
  9. UPDATE: It has now been practically forever since I first ordered. On November 30, I called and for the FOURTH time was told that my bag would be another week. I told them I didn't care, and I wanted a refund. So the SA assured me I would get a refund on my credit card. Five days later, I get an email from the original person helping me via email saying the below message. It was in response to an email I had sent two weeks prior saying if my bag wasn't done, I wanted to cancel my order. I think she's full of s***, and is just trying make it look like the delay wasn't there fault. Also, today I checked my credit card, and I still haven't been refunded. Lolli isn't answering their phones, and their mailbox is full!!!

    Hi Candace,
    Can you please confirm your mailing address. Your bag
    was returned to us.


    Lolli by reincarnation
    85 Stanton St
    New York, NY 10002
  10. At this point, you need to call your credit card company and dispute the charges. Don't wait for them to do the right thing - cuz they obviously have a hard time doing this!
    Good luck.
  11. I've never done that before. Call me clueless, but is it a difficult process?