Is a little bit of cleavage okay for the work place?

  1. in the early 90's, I worked for a retailer that required us to wear a jacket that covered our behind if we wear pants.. dress codes are not uncommon.
  2. i think you just have to work a little harder at being modest; not to say it has to be turtleneck style but perhaps crewneck that is more closer to the base of your neck then it is to the top of your cleavage?

    i'm considering it too even though the neckline i have right now is above my cleavage when i bend down or lean over it will show
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  4. In this case, it is clearly NOT okay, otherwise a coworker wouldn't have talked with you about it. So it is irrelevant what is or is not appropriate in other workplaces. Like you said, however, now that you know, you can change your style at work. Many people need to work within considerable wardrobe constraints when it comes to work, and many have very strict dress codes. In every industry I've worked in, cleavage has NOT been acceptable - not even a little bit. And sitting lower than a client or having to move around for work is simply something you need to adapt to and dress for, not make excuses about.

    Be glad someone told you about it. When you know about an issue, you can work to change and resolve it and do better at work.
  5. Nope, no matter how little bit or why it happens, your cleavage should not be visible at work. I agree with others, you should work on wearing tank tops or something under your looser shirts so that your cleavage won't show, even when you bend over :smile:.
  6. I'm a little bigger on top so it can be quite difficult to find something that shows no cleavage and doesn't make you look absolutely huge on top. (turtlenecks and such are absolutely NO good for me at all) Like a few other people have suggested, camis and tank tops underneath your shirt often help. I always wear something underneath my outside shirt to reduce cleavage ect. I also ALWAYS wear a scarf. That may not be possible in your work place.
  7. I dont have massive boobs, mine are small so less noticeable. My shirts in the past were quite open so i had to wear a top underneath. I just wear basic scoop neck vest tops which cover my cleavage but are low enough not to be seen. Try something like that, bend down and look down your top. If all you can see is the top of your chest then id say you are good to go.
  8. I have large breasts and when I wear tops that show even the tiny bit of cleavage at uni I get "the eye" from some fellow classmates, though not teachers.

    I try though not to wear provocative clothing at uni (I don't even wear skirts or dresses - my typical uni outfit consits of a pair of skinny pants/jeans, boots, a turtleneck sweater - it's so cozy during the winter!- and a scarf).

    When I go out with friends etc I like to show some cleavage, though not much, and I'm able to wear mini dresses and skirts.

    If you wanna avoid any comments, then I suggest you adjust to the dres code of the company/organization you work for. Cardigans and scarves can prove also very useful.
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  10. In the Unemployed thread there are several people who have been fired for failing to follow a dress code.

    Cover up and be grateful you still have a job.
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    Eta: I find this post insulting to be frank. You are basically saying that any woman who wears cleavage baring shirts or dresses is asking to be harassed or be called a whore. No matter what a woman chooses to wear, in any environment, being called a whore or being harassed is never acceptable.

    On topic - having been in the same position as you, it is hard to dress for your new chest at the start. Any V neck or fitted button up shirt will make you look chestier in my experience! Most high necks will make me look frumpy too. Wearing a cami is a great suggestion as others have mentioned! Don't be hurt by your colleague, she probably didn't mean to hurt your feelings and just wants everyone to see you as professional!
  12. If you can see some cleavage when you look straight at a mirror, imagine what it must look like for someone standing over you while you're sitting down.

    I sort of understand where you come from when you say it is difficult to dress a new body.. I gained about 10 pounds last year in a rather short period of time, but fortunately it went in all the right places. It was hard to work around the curves - my old style looked "too sexy" for work. I found camis, scarves and shawls helpful. And I wore a lot of shirts.
  13. Your 2nd post, OP, sounded like you came up with the right attitude. If, however, you still feel the same way you expressed in your 1st post, please reconsider.

    I'm not much older than you are and I have a full bust too, so I know where you're coming from. My supervisor and other co-workers are 30-45 years older than me. They dress very differently from how I do. What they consider too revealing isn't to me. As much as I hate it, for the sake of getting along and not getting terminated, I have to follow the same rules as everyone else and wear the same dowdy clothes they do.

    Unless you have a huge trust fund coming your way or will win the lottery or something like that, you'll probably have to work to earn a living. Even if this is just a side job for you while you're going to school, this job is still part of your work history, and it's a good chance for you to get practice in customer service/people skills. Even if you decide to go into higher education and get an advanced degree, your workplace will have a dress code. In fact, you'll likely be held to an even stricter standard if you end up in a higher position.

    I agree with the other posters that your co-worker was polite in explaining to you about the dress code. If all you have to do change in order to keep your job and get good reviews is put on a cami or wear different-style shirts, that's nothing.

    I had to buy a whole wardrobe in order to conform to my company's dress code, but for those clothes, I bought from the 75% off rack at Macy's and went to Old Navy. I recommend you do the same if you have nothing appropriate right now. The clothes will also last a long time if you'll wear them only at work.

  14. I wish I saw this post, but anyway,

    Ladies, Thank you all for your input. I appreciate those who gave me kind & helpful advice and to those that just told me to deal with it and be grateful that I "STILL" have a job assuming I am not, I'm sure those comments were meant to "help" me out...

    All in all, I have taken the advice about wearing cami's that are cut higher and everything's been resolved!

    Thanks again!

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  15. Thanks for your advice. I'm now wearing cami's that are cut higher than usual. :smile: I am working full time and going to school full time definitely want to keep this job since I am also paying for my school out of my pocket.

    Thanks again for your advice! It's good to hear from others' about their experience as well :smile: