Workplace Is a little bit of cleavage okay for the work place?


Mar 14, 2010
I am so PO'd right now because my coworker just approached me saying that many WOMEN patients have complained and brought up the fact that I wear "revealing" things. I DO NOT wear revealing clothing items, I always come in with a blazer on & a shirt that I know that does not show much! These shirts tend to be a little loose sometimes so when I am checking a patient out they are looking down at me since I am sitting down on a computer. OF COURSE, it's inevitable that you are going to see a little something if you are sitting down.

The reason why I am very concious of what I wear is because I recently just got my breasts done almost 1 year ago. I am 8 months post op. So even though I have the new girls, I am very aware and concious about what I wear and not to mention very modest in the clothing I choose. It kind of hurts because since I have a chest now, it is hard for me to find clothes that look good on me and don't make me look frumpy. It IS a new body I have to learn how to dress after all. It's not like I am going to come into work with a turtle neck on because I think that anything I wear whether it be a sweater that covers a little of my chest, it will always show SOME sort of tiny cleavage since they are looking down at me.

I am 21 years old working in an environment with women who are 50+ and patients that come in are 35+ and very rarely do we see patients who are my age or younger. Could that be something that has to do with it?

I am feeling very uncomfortable, embarrased, & upset that this was even brought up. It makes me want to even look for a new job somewhere else.


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Apr 11, 2011
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The age group is likely a large factor. Also just as you are becoming accustomed to your new body, those around you also are. I am not certain what you wore so cannot comment on whether it was decent or not however I would try to cover up more (if you feel it is possible) and search for an office with a younger group of coworkers/patients.
Mar 14, 2006
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I say this not to be mean, but coming from a place of trying to help.

your response and reaction seems really immature, like your are throwing a tantrum. part of growing up and joining the workforce is adapting to the situations/environments/requirements of your workplace. it seems logical to me that if your job involves sitting all day while people look at you from above, that you have to find a way to adjust your wardrobe so your boobs aren't on display.

similarly my job requires running around a lot, sometimes at times when things need to be really quiet, so I can't always wear heels. I just have to be aware of what my day will bring and how to dress for it.

I think you feel singled out for being younger, cuter, hotter than your co-workers, when in reality them being older also means they are wiser and more experienced in the workforce. it's not just that they are more conservative and/or prude, but rather they've been around the block and know what is and isn't appropriate and what makes patients comfortable and uncomfortable.

be thankful that you have a job and adapt :flowers: I'm sure you have plenty of social situations and non-work time to display your new chest and dress in more fun ways.


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Apr 20, 2007
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It is NOT inevitable that people see your cleavage, no matter how little, when you are sitting down. You do not have to wear turtlenecks to not have cleavage showing. I never wear turtlenecks and have lots of tops that don't show even a glimpse of cleavage. I also have other tops that do show a small amount.

I'm also very aware of bending over if I have a shirt on that is quite loose with a low-ish neckline.


Mar 14, 2010
Thanks ladies. It was more of me venting since it took my by surprise. I never really would think that my way of dressing for work would offend anybody as I never had a problem before. Now that I do have a larger chest it is harder for me to find something to wear since I haven't found my sense of "style" or fashion with a bigger chest and smaller frame I am 5'5 120lbs and now a 34D which is proportionate now and not too big. I know there are clothes out there that are really cute and flattering but I just haven't "mastered" it.

: didn't mean to come off as immature I was just very heated and in the moment but I agree with all of you. Its just really embarrassing because what I thought was appropriate, isn't. I never wear low cut shirts. If I do it is a v neck that stops in the middle of my chest. I don't wear anything too tight and always have a jacket on. As for the age I think it does play a big role to it I feel very uncomfortable sometimes although I love my coworkers, it is hard to find similarities. My way of working is a lot different then there's and my way of thinking is also different as well. It tends to cause a lot of butting head especially with my coworker I work closely with ( the one who approached me about this situation ) and sometimes I am treated very unfairly.
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Aug 4, 2006
These shirts tend to be a little loose sometimes so when I am checking a patient out they are looking down at me since I am sitting down on a computer. OF COURSE, it's inevitable that you are going to see a little something if you are sitting down.

then wear tank tops under your shirts. if you know someone can check you out if you bend over, that's too revealing. and a vneck that stops in the MIDDLE of your chest is also too revealing, again, just wear a tank top underneath.

ps, i'm also young working with older coworkers.
Sep 30, 2008
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Buy some nice form fitting camis that come above your cleavage...then you can wear whatever tops you would like, but your boobs will always be covered and you wont have to worry about bending over/people above you. You might have to check a few stores, since just about every store has camis, and they all fit differently. Im sure you can find ones that come up to a modest height...Im sorry that you had to feel uncomfortable with the comment about it. I have thought I was dressed fine, and then someone pointed out something that I didnt think of. It happends! You just need to adapt


Jun 3, 2007
If patients have complained then what you're wearing is not appropriate for your workplace. Patients should not even notice what you're wearing and if they are, then you're not dressing correctly.

Camis are a great idea. Buy a bunch in different colors and make sure they are cut high enough so that you can wear whatever you like and still be covered up.


Mar 21, 2010
Agree with the cami suggestion (this is what I do). Your coworker was actually very polite in the way she brought up the issue.

Showing cleavage, even if people are looking down your shirt, is NOT inevitable. It is inappropriate for the workplace, unless you work in a place where this is explicitly accepted.

And to respond to your thread title--no, it is not ok to show even a little cleavage at work!

Sorry if I am being harsh, but with more time and experience youll learn whats appropriate and what isnt. I've been there, and cringe looking back at some of the things I thought were "ok" for the office in my early 20's :smile:


Nov 23, 2008
No it isn't. I like some of the suggestions above - a cami - or a change or style for your shirt.


May 24, 2009
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I have a big chest (40 DD) and I don't like ANY cleavage at all at work (I work with strange clients, don't want to encourage anyone) and I have a tattoo on my left shoulder/chest area that my boss doesn't like me to show. I tend to wear the same clothes outside of work as at work so I like my clothing to be adaptable. I DO like to show my tattoo outside of work).
Two things I have found that help are cardigans and scarves. Cardigans cover my tattoo so I can wear sleeveless, short sleeved or wider necklines. It's also pretty cold where I work, probably because I sit right by the door.
Scarves can be tied/placed/etc in a way that covers my tattoo and/or cleavage as needed. Do a You Tube search for ways to tie scarves if you are not sure.
Good luck!


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Aug 30, 2007
You should see the long list of dress requirements where I work. Just a small sample of the rules: No part of the chest or torso can be shown. Shoulders must be covered. Pants must cover the entire leg, no shorts or capri's. Shoes must cover the entire foot. Heels must be 1" square and no taller than 2 1/2". (try to think of a pretty feminine shoe that fits those requirements. Not easy, is it?)

I agree with some of the other posters that cami's, cardigans, and scarves would help you. There are many diaphanous or lace t-shirts that you could wear over a cami that are pretty.