Is a Kelly inconvenient?

  1. Sorry if this was asked before.

    Is a Kelly inconvenient? I was wondering if you have to close it up when you're on the move or can you just leave it opened. Just looking at the handle I was thinking that maybe it would have to be closed every time.
  2. No, it's not inconvenient, but it does have to be closed every time. One can leave the straps in the front undone though.
  3. i wouldn't call it inconvenient, just you cannot really walk around with it hanging open or your things might fall out. i carry my birkin around open for easy access but i like kellies for dressy look. it is personal preference, they are all nice :yes:
  4. Agree with Haute Counturess. However, I find a softer leather make the access easier (swift vs box).
  5. I agree with the above; I only have rigide (sellier) but I suspect that the souple (retourne) style is also easier to get in and out of.
  6. Agreed.....on both the Kelly as well as the Birkin styles. Softer leather makes the belts easier to play with on both of these.

    Although, over time, I've gotten faster with my box Kelly.

    It either looks like a slight of hand trick when I open and close my box Kelly....OR I look like a fumbling idiot:upsidedown: There's not much in between.
  7. I am definitely a fumbler then...
  8. Sounds great.

    Now I am wondering if 35cm is too big???

    Only 5' 3" and no skinny.
    Seeing it IRL on Thursday.

    Can't wait
  9. I like my Kelly 35. It's not so much big ( deep ) as it is wide. It does not have the larger bag feel that a Birkin 35 me.
  10. I have both (Kellys and Birkin) and honestly, the Kelly is more inconvenient for me to use than my Birkin. I fumble a lot, miss cellular calls because I can't reach the phone in time, and get flustered when carrying them. My DH always asks now "are you carrying Kelly today?" if I don't get to the phone in time. Even he has noticed it. My Kellys are box leather and stiff so harder to get in and out of. The Birkin is just easier for me. I have 2 small children and think that this "fumbleness" is due in large part to keeping eyes and hands on them at all times.
  11. I have one kelly and although I love to carry it because it is and looks so ladylike, I do admit when at the grocery store and I'm being handed receipts and change and trying to put it in the wallet and in the bag and get the keys I am a perhaps for me there are certain times a kelly works better...I personally love the ease of the's my fav!
  12. i LOVE the kelly 35 -- i'm 5'5" and going through a fat phase, but it's still fine when i'm thinner.

    btw, it DOES take a little getting used to, but once you've had some practice it opens and closes quickly.
  13. I love the kelly, If I know I will be in a situation that I need to get in and out often (sorry for my english) I will put the 2 straps inside and the fold over.
  14. Kelly fan here too.......I leave the straps flapping and just use the lock to keep things closed.

    I think the retourne style is the best for easy access to the interior....and a soft leather like Clemence or Togo or Swift has more "give".
  15. I'm short (5'1") and actually quite plump, but I love the way a Kelly looks on me! I prefer a 32cm personally, or if I had the $$$$ I'd love a 28cm in an exotic. I like the rigide style best on me, and I do feel that it is a bit inconvenient at times, so I tend to carry it only for dressy occasions.
    The souple/retourne style seems like it would be a lot easier to get in and out of than rigide, but I have never had one so I really am not sure about that?