Is a Hot Pink Birkin really hard to find?

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  1. I am getting my Birkin in a few months i am between a 30cm and a 35cm. My first option of color is black. Then Red and lastly is hot pink. But the more I see the hot pink the more i love it. I only want gold hardware and I have a preference for togo leather But my question is which of these colors are the easiest and hardest to find? I'll be buying it in Paris at the flagship store. Also is the hot pink only special order?

  2. :biggrin:

    I guess I would have to start by saying that Hermes has no color called "hot pink" and you could probably go through the forum from there.

    Also that it just occurs to me now that one of the things I have learned about Hermes over the years, is that it's not about finding what you want, you can wait decades for that; rather you stay alert and the things you fall in love with, find you.

    I love posts like yours. They make me smile.
  3. There's rose shocking and fushcia, both "hot pink" colors. They only come in chevre, which is an SO leather, and not in togo. And yes, VERY HARD to come by because they must be specially ordered.

    Speaking of reds, you might wanna check out one of the favorite sexy lipstick reds on this forum - Rouge Garrance. I was told by a friend that it is available again in Paris for order. It was rumoured to be discontinued last year but apparently not so.
  4. Is Paris holding these birkins for you? Or are you just hoping to get lucky? I guess I am misunderstanding. If you're lucky enough to get one there, you won't have a choice of colors unless they are holding for you or something, which would be very unusual.

    And IMO, fuschia and rose shocking both lend themselves better to PHW rather than gold, but if you ARE allowed to place an SO - you can get whichever hardware YOU like best. Personally I would go with a black birkin.

    Good luck.
  5. my dear as said before the term hot pink in hermes not so much , the actual equivalent being the two colors mentioned before are only available again, through a special order placed by a store manager or a higher rank, but what is totally available in togo or tourillon clemence is bouganvilia, it is not exactly what i think you reffer to as "hot pink" :confused1:im sorry i cant exactly make my peace with this term but it is a a very live and bright hue in the pink family .and the best thing is its available in togo and it looks divine with gold hw , i have a 35cm the pictures are in my birkin noir album if you wish to see it and i think there is a thread that someone started dedicated to this bag i think this is a great option for you hope it helps birkel
  6. irish lass1029 i have a fuschia 35cm ostrich with gold hardware i tend to go for gold, but seing as you have such a defined opinion in hardware and the ways they match, what would you say looks better on a 30cm violine ostrich birkin .i love purple and have 35cm amethyst with gold hardawre but is this comment just of a personal note ,or do you know a defined reason why to assure that gold is not the best way to anyway hope you can help me out thankyou birkel
  7. I agree - I think there is something very sophisticated about PHW with pink, less teeny bopper, Barbie looking than GHW, which can be almost gauche with a bright pink.
  8. oh its TOTALLY. personal preference bir kel i just prefer gold on warm colors and palladium on cool. colors so of course i would prefer PHW on any of the purples and i actually wear yellow gold jewelry about 95% of the time so i have no. aversion to yellow gold to besure
  9. I have placed an SO, my Hermes manager called Paris to request a 35cm rose shocking birkin....They said NO, 30 cm only. She tried as a another type of SO(i forget the term) They said no again. I am getting the new pink in swift with contrast lining. They were not going to make a 35cm birkin in Rose shocking. Sometimes you just need to see what is available that touches your heart. Be open to everything.
  10. i believe rose shocking is not available in croc.
  11. I am just hoping to get lucky. i am not even going to be there its my godmother who will be buying it for me. I am not able to go i will be working to pay the bag.Should i go to my local hermes and place an order? is the black going to be a little easier to find?
  12. ^^
    ooh okay, if you're hoping to get lucky, then it's best to decide first what colors/leathers you absolutely don't want. For example, "i don't want any green in smooth leather". It's very hard to score a birkin in Paris as a walk in. Even if they do have any birkins in stock, you'd be very limited to color/leather choices. So try not to be too specific about what you want or else your godmother most likely won't be bringing a birkin home for you. Paris usually don't let people place orders unless they've been there before and/or have bought something else. But again, my friend was very lucky to be invited to place an order even though she's a total H newbie and she didn't buy anything at all! Good luck!!

  13. Well that's the $10k Question for sure. Who knows WHAT they will have IF they have anything to show her when she's there. Do a search on the Paris threads and you will see that many go in hopes of getting one and stand in line for hours on multiple days and don't even get to see any, much less have the opportunity to purchase one. And some walk in at just the right moment and get one, but you take what's there if you want one. If you want to choose the color, size, hardware, etc., you'll probably have more luck at your local store and that's if they allow you to place an SO or a PO. Do you have a good relationship with your SA? Are you already a customer? Do you have any history of purchases in the past with Hermes? If not, you'd probably be better off purchasing a pre-owned birkin. If you go that route, be sure to check the reputable resellers threads and post in the Authentication thread BEFORE you purchase or agree to purchase on the secondary market.
  14. The others are right - you will not find a pink Birkin on the shelf, since they are all by special order only.

    Colors such as black and etoupe are much easier to find.
  15. you know irish lass so right im going for my ostrich , with palladium hardware because the reason why i dont wear my amethyst croc that much may be caused of the gold hardaware , it may be to extreme to mega colors togeher . but my pink i just cant imagine it with out gold maybe its the fact that this one is flashy plus flashy ijijijijijiiji but thankyou so much !!