Is a french purse wallet practical (vernis)?

  1. I love how the french purse wallet looks, but is it practical for everyday? Can you fit all of your stuff in it and is it easy to get in and out of?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I have one and it is really pretty but I don't think it is practical for me because I carry so many cards. Mine is the old version with only 4 cc slots and that's just not enough. I stuff a lot of cards into the pockets underneath the slots and they got stretched out so now the cards fall out. The bill compartment is too deep for US dollars and it's hard to get them in and out. The pros of this wallet is that the coin slot is huge and you can store cards in there. Also, I have it in the pomme and it gets a ton of compliments!!!
  3. ^^^ Thanks, I am thinking it is not practical enough for me. It is gorgeous though, espcially in Pomme!
  4. I have it in mono and it has 8 cc slots, the vernis is coming with 8 cc slots as well, but I don't think that includes the pomme. I love mine, but I couldn't do it with the 4 cc slots, that would be too limited, the 8 works well.
  5. ^^ Nope the 8 CC slots version is already out in pomme!! It's on Elux now!

    Edit: well, it WAS on Elux...just yesterday...
  6. I have the mono with 4cc slots, I bought it when the 8 just came but I actually wanted the 4. I only carry two cards and keep all my other cards, medical, etc. in my agenda. I really don't have a problem with the US dollars fitting. I LOVE the french purse, it is so feminine/dainty feeling for a wallet and in vernis it is stunning.
  7. I havent got one but i really want one in Pomme!
    I saw one at my Boutique in Amarante and i love the purse itself.
    Get one!
  8. i have it in MC like everything about it except for the coin part as its really hard to open.
  9. I have a Marshmallow vernis french wallet and have to agree that the 4 cc slots aren't enough, but I still love the wallet. Now that it's available with 8 cc slots, it's a no brainer...go for it!
  10. I just bought my first LV wallet, a French Purse Mono -- and am not loving it. The coin purse is so huge the money rattles like a baby rattle. The dollars get lost in the billfold part. The wallet is so is too clunky. Help! Guess that means I have another wallet to buy...
  11. I love the French Purse. I also would love one in Monogram Vernis or Epi French Purse. I would buy one with the 8 CC holder. I would buy one for the look of the wallet. Its a beautiful wallet in Vernis or MC as well!!!!! I also would love to buy a MC Pochette Wallet. I have the Mongram Pochette, and love how it can hold a lot!

  12. Hi how much u bought yrs for?
    Im looking at the EPI french purse in ivorie colour...
    Is it bulky an dcan u store it in yr jeans pocket?
  13. Hi how much u bought yrs for?
    Im looking at the epi ivorie colur.
    Do u tink its advisable to get 1?
    Btw where u from?
    Can u store yr hp in the coin purse?
  14. Can the bill slot fits Sg bills easily?
  15. Have you considered the Pochette Wallet in Pomme? It holds 10cc and looks amazing.