Is a First too little for...

  1. ...someone who's 5'10"?

    That's me, and I've ordered a First. I intend to use it on the weekend and for evenings when I don't have that much to carry around.

    So, what do you think? Mistake? I already have a City, a Purse, and a Work.

    Tall-ish PFers, I wouldn't mind hearing your opinions!

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. I'm 5'10" and have a Pewter first and I don't think it looks weird. I'm thinking of getting a black one too.
  3. I think first is perfect as a weekend /evening going out bag!!!

    im 5'8'', and heres the pic of me wearing 05' teal first~
  4. gisele bundchen is tall as the sky, and she still looks great at with the "first"
  5. Thanks, Ladies! Now I feel extra-confident about my First.

    BTW, bb10lue, your photo looks great -- love the outfit!
  6. ^^I know! Doesn't she look just fantastic?! Jasperella, which colour did u get??
  7. ^^SerenitySue, I got Rouille!! It's to tide me over til the A/W 06 bags arrive -- got sick of waiting!!
  8. rouile! nice choice! good luck :P
  9. Ohhhh, good choice! I'm sure it will look great on you! Post pics when it arrives :love:
  10. wooooooooo-whoooooooooo, another rouille first girl're gonna love her jasperella (below is a photo of mine) :love:
    ROUILLE BAG 3.jpg
  11. I'm 5'1/5'2 - and I thought the first looked silly on me:shame:

    I'm a city gal - perhaps it's because I'm not skinny that I like the city better, or subconciously maybe I'm following the big bag trend :yes:
  12. omg now THAT is stunning!!! :nuts:
  13. Omigod, bb10lue, could you be any skinnier??? You and your Teal look AB FAB!
  14. ok, i am not as tall as you, but i am tall and wear heels always!! i am a weekender girl, but this white first just took me by suprise and works for me.:supacool: [​IMG]