Is a Fanny pack still a fanny pack?

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  1. My mom recently gave me her old Chanel 'fanny pack'. It's the small (like maybe 6 inches across) square quilted style with a belt and chain attached.
    My question is this - coulsd I wear it or is it still just a tacky fanny pack?

    80's style is back in but I don't want to wear it and have people looking at me the same way I would look at someone if I saw them wearing an actual fanny pack.:lol:

    So my question is this - is a Belt purse really just a fanny pack with a designer name on it?
    Thanks =)
  2. I depends, if it is large and boxy than it is more of a fanny pack. But if it is slim and gusseted it is more like a belt bag, and those are very chic. Especially a Chanel one.
  3. it really depends on how you wear it with. remember: it's about how you wear it... you can do the carrie bradshaw and wear cropped trousers, killer heels with a simple tee/tank and top it off with a french beret. accessorise with some huge bangles and voila!- you've got pairsian chic.
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