Is a facial really worth it?

  1. I've never had one before, but am thinking about getting one. . . . is it really worth it though?
  2. yes yes yes. i got one yesterday. :biggrin:
  3. absolutely! nothing like taking a little time just for yourself!
  4. but does it actually help your skin?

    i get mssages and mani pedis all the time so thats my down time but always wondered if a facial was worth it
  5. I had one on my 18th birthday. <--- its the only one ive ever had.

    It was good and bad.

    The products they used were lovely and i love how you close your eyes and feel the assitants fingers massage your face.... ahhh...

    but when i left, my face was very tight and shiny. It was so oily -> which was expected from the rich lotions they used. After it settled down a few hours later, i noticed no 'glow' or difference to the texture or appearance of my face. My friends and my mum said they could see or feel no difference either :hrmm:

    id like to get one again though. maybe i went to the wrong salon or they used products that wernt for me.

    But its definatley relaxing!!!
  6. I absolutely believe in regular facials to help one's skin stay fresh. If you find a good facialist or esthetician that can do chemical peels and mirco-dermabrasion as well as extractions, all the better!

    A good facial can deep clean pores and exfoliate skin. A facialist can also recommend good products...which I really appreciate. Since you already get massages (something else I find necessary) I'm sure you'll appreciate a facial.
  7. I say YES, but I think it depends on your age. When I was younger I would get them, but the majority of the time they would do extractions which are so painful and would leave me red. Now that I am in my late 20s, I am getting microderm facials, and they make a huge difference. In fact, I haven't had one in a few months, and I can tell. I have an appointment next week, and I can't wait to have glowy skin again!
  8. Ive heard some great things about these!! how much do they cost? and is it the usual facial time of 35 minutes or, much longer? (sounds bliss. i must give it a try)
  9. You must try it!! I love them!! My facial usually last 65 minutes, and they perform the microderm using a newer machine that doesn't use the diamond dust (can't remember the name of it) followed by some extractions (I still have blackheads on my nose :sad:). They finish up with a mask and massage of head and neck. I'm telling you, you will walk out with skin so smooth and glowy you will not believe it. I seriously have to stop myself from rubbing my cheeks and feeling how smooth they are!! Total cost where I go is $135 and worth every penny. Hope that helps!
  10. I get mine with the esthecin at my dermatologists office. With regular (every 5 weeks - mine last about an hour to an hour and a half) she has helped my skin in ways I cant even start describing. If you dont have many issues youre looking to fix with your skin and not looking for frequent facials, then a facial every once in a while is still a treat to yourself - so relaxing!!!
  11. I think they are! And my skin is looking a lot better! I usually go in for a facial every couple of months because I like to get one with extractions and all that... it can really help with acne proned skin or if you just want to clear your face from impurities. And many facials are so very relaxing! Also microdermabrasion is very helpful too!
  12. I love getting facials! Don't get them that often, but when I do my skin feels so soft and moisturized.
  13. I think they are well worth it.

    I get facials, medi/pedi and massage regularly.
  14. I don't think so. I can rub my face better than anyone else can.

    But yeah, go get one if you haven't. Have to try everything once right?
  15. I've heard that oxygen facials are really good...I plan on having one to celebrate the end of stupid exams!