Is a Cashiers Check safer than ....

  1. a money order? I have agreed to buy a purse on Ebay, and they will not accept Paypal. I've never paid by either money order or a cashiers check before to a seller on Ebay...only used Paypal.

    This person wants paid by money order only. Any guesses as to why? Something about this makes me suspicious, but I'm fairly new to this, and maybe I'm being unduly suspicious. I wrote her back and asked if a cashiers check would be acceptable (as was the case when I clicked on "Pay by money order or Cashiers Check"), and I haven't heard back from her. I got notification by Ebay that the seller wanted payment by money order only.

    Ebay (plus people on this forum) have advised that paying by money order is risky, but no one has mentioned Cashiers checks. Any 'red flags' here? Any risks that you know of with Cashiers checks? The seller has a 100% good feedback with 400 plus feedback remarks, which sound good.

    Thanks so much for your thoughts.
  2. NO! They are exactly the same, one just requires you to type their name in at the bank (cashiers) and the other you write out yourself (money order).
  3. That's really what I thought, but I'm just wondering why they are so adamant about wanting a money order, rather than a cashiers check. I've already agreed to do by one or the other, so I'm stuck with that.

    Any idea - from their standpoint - on why they want a money order over a cashiers?

    Thanks for answering. :smile:
  4. Weird! LOL!
    There must be some reasonable explantion?

    I accept both . . . interesting.
  5. I *just heard from her - finally - on this question and she nows says a cashiers check will be fine. ??? on why the delay, but alls well that ends well. (hopefully:smile:)
  6. Ack!! Hold up!! What did you buy from this person? As a buyer, I get paranoid if people only accept money order and cashier checks. As a seller I only do the money order option if buyer is out of country and their Paypal is not confirmed and verified (but that's for my own safety and prevention of chargeback if they decide to scam me with bait n switch). Anyways, can you give us more detail about this transaction? You have to keep in mind that when you send money order and cashier check, you're basically sending cash and if they don't send you the item, your money is lost.

    It's true that having 100% feedback is typically a good thing, but sometimes it is still not a guarantee.
  7. I got a Balenciaga purse. Wish me luck. I honestly didn't notice that it didn't have a 'No Paypal' option until it was too late. Wouldn't go this route again, I'll say that. I'm a bit worried. (A BIT??) :crybaby:

    Nobody could say anything to me that I haven't already said to myself. After reading all night about the scams and problems with people and Ebay, I will never ever do it again without the Paypal option. Of course, this reading took place *after having bought the purse, soo...
  8. Can you give us a link to the seller's profile? Maybe we can look at her feedbacks and items? It will help a bit. Also, when in doubt, taking a possible NPB is still better than losing money
  9. i personally wouldn't pay for it if the seller doesnt accept paypal. basically they can just take your money and run and there is not a darn thing ebay/paypal/your credit card company can do about it. i always pay with paypal w/ cc and only do an instant transfer with paypal if i really trust the seller (as in i've purchased lots from him/her before).
  10. That's 100% correct- the bank won't back you up, either, like they would with a debit card transaction.
  11. ^^ fb means nothing... i just saw a 600+ 100% fb powerseller selling tons of fake juicy suits...
  12. I think I will wait a bit to put up her link. Let me see how this plays out. She could be 100% on the up and up, and I'd hate to give her a bad name if she comes through, and the bag is "all that."

    I've already sent her a cashiers check, and she has said she will overnight the bag when she receives it. If it turns out for the bad though, I can assure you that her link will be all over this place. (plus a bad fb on Ebay to boot.)

    Thanks everybody for your thoughts. I really appreciate them and also the support. :smile:
  13. I don't know if it makes you feel any better, but when I bought on ebay in the past...most of the purchases I did were paid by money order. I never had a single problem...never. I encountered the best sellers.
  14. Many times sellers request Cashiers check or Money order to avoid the
    fees that Paypal charges. I will only pay with Paypal especially for large purchases. At least you have some recourse if there is a problem
    with the seller. Hopefully this will all work out fine for you, let us know.
  15. Ohhh, YES this makes me feel better. A million "thank yous" for this! :smile: Not that I was worried...**cough, cough**