Is a bowl of shreddies and a yogurt an ok breakfast?

  1. I usually dont eat breakfast, because when I do, Im more hungry around 10am. If i just eat shreddies, I get huge sugar pangs (currently trying to stop drinking coke) so i dunno what to doooooooooo! Any help is appreciated lol
  2. You mean shredded wheat cereal? Yes, that with yogurt is a great nutritious breakfast :smile: You should always eat breakfast, It jumpstarts your metabolism for the day!
  3. shreddies are like shredded wheat, just smaller squares, like tiny
    They're so yummy!
  4. If you can tolerate plain yogurt (no sugar added) with live cultures that would be best. Also, have you considered eating something with more protein?
  5. Look for foods with more fibre, try looking for things with atleast 4-6g of fibre per serving, they keep you fuller for a longer period of time.
  6. I used to eat muesli with milk, avocado and some random juice in the morning but I have been told by my nutritionist that it is not OK. Apparently you need proteins more than carbohydrates that you get from cereals to jumpstart your metabolism in the morning so I am now forced to eat meat, LOL.

    I don't know whether this will also be appropriate for you or not but he also said no refined carbs for me in the morning. You want strached carbs instead whatever that means, LOL (I think he means muesli or brown bread) but when you eat Shreddies it is all refined carbs which is not good for you.
  7. Oatmeal works well for me. Keeps me fuller longer than regular cold cereal.